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Clinking Glasses at Reception...So Annoying!

I was at a wedding this past Saturday and it always seems to get to a point where it gets annoying when guest take their silverware and start clinking their glasses to get the couple to kiss. Once or twice is fine but after that it gets a bit obnoxious. You can always expect this to happen but does anyone have any ideas to avoid this or do something different?

Re: Clinking Glasses at Reception...So Annoying!

  • We are getting little bells for guests to ring instead. 

     I have been to a wedding where if the guests started clinking the DJ drew a couple's name out of a basket.  Whatever the couple did, the bride and groom had to duplicate.  It was a nice spin to the traditional kissing and got the guests more involved.  Might have also helped some people from starting the cliniking as well :)
  • I know at our wedding they only did it like 4 or 5 times which seems to be the norm for most weddings. People generally get bored of it by then.  The only times I've seen people do it a lot more is when a "game" was made of it.  I went to one wedding like jbolnick mentioned where they had to draw names and the newlyweds had a replicate the kiss that the couple did and people clinked all night cause they wanted to see who was next.  I also went to a wedding that you had a sing a love song to get the bride and groom to kiss, and during almost the entire dinner people were getting up there to sing which was waaaaay more annoying that a little clinking glasses.  It was terrible.

    In my opinion, I actually enjoyed kissing my husband on my wedding day.  So what if I got interrupted a few times from eating.  If my guests got a kick out of it, I didn't mind.

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    I don't think there is much you can do to stop it, it's just too traditional and people will initiate it on their own. Unfortunately, as I am not looking forward to it either. Lol.

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  • A fun twist would be to have the tables get up and sing a song with the word(s) "love" in it.  I've seen this at a couple of weddings and it's pretty funny to watch the entire table sing a couple lines of a song so the married couple kisses.
  • We didn't have glassware at all, so our guests didn't clink glasses. My coworkers that were at one table did get creative and tap their plastic forks on the pails we had in the centerpieces, it was hilarious!
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  • Were doin this :)
  • When we got married, after a couple of times DH said that the next time, instead of us kissing, we were going to start making other couples in attendance stand up and kiss. This was perfect...no more clinking glasses.
  • Were doin this :)
    Love this.
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