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Tuesday accountability

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xcaly, I miss you being up before me! :)

Morning everyone!

Just finished day six of level three and it's going much better, woot!  Hoping I can convince myself to do plyo tonight, since I could use the second workout and I'm still not doing as well as I'd like on the three plyo moves in level three.  However, given the ridiculously warm and muggy forecast, the odds are against me doing it in our already stuffy apartment.  (We have garages under our second floors in this building and the ones next to us - great for working out in the AM since I won't wake people below us, but there is so much heat that gets trapped in here in the summer.)

Food should be good today, though I will have a chocolate chip cookie tonight.  I made them for H last night for a pick me up bc he was so annoyed after the drama, and I only ate ONE, yay!  

Scale is also back down a 1/2 lb, I am beyond hoping that this is the beginning of TDEE kicking in after the adjustment period, but only time will tell!

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Tuesday accountability

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    Morning Lobsters! Yay on the scale finally being down. I've barely stepped on mine the last month or two. I'm kind of in "whatever I weigh right now is just what I weigh" mode. When we get back from our honeymoon though, those last ten pounds are going to die. 

    Yesterday was okay for me. Workouts were good. Ran and 5k and did some body weight strength training in the morning. FI's work went onto summer hours now that the students are gone, so they close at 7 which means I get to meet him there after he closes so we can workout together. Last night I power lifted and I'm sore today. Food way okay. Started off great, ended with some cheesy pasta and ice cream. It was our first real hot day of the year and we don't have central air, so we settle for ice cream. I was good and only had two scoops (instead of a full pint, like I really wanted. Stay back inner fat kid)

    Today and tomorrow I'm in the local middle school, so I'm school schedule which means no morning workout (booooo). I'm about to pack my gym bag so I'll have it in the car with me. I need to go tonight. This weekend bodes poorly for my waistline.  
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  • Congrats on the 1/2lb! Glad to hear that you're turning a corner...

    Did more cardio yesterday and had another after supper bike ride. My resistance bands should be here this week - I can't wait! I've been floundering, simply because I know that I enjoy a cardio workout followed by weights and nothing else seems to be taking its place. 

    Food was good - calories were high, but still within acceptable limits. Today I'm going to start subbing a meal here and there with a shake - something to 'shake' things up (pun intended). Just to see if it will help balance my protein/carb dilemma.

    That's it for me - we have two weeks of teaching time before exams, and the first round of job interviews should be happening soon. I really hope I'm back at the high school next year, but I'll take what I can get!

    Have a good day, ladies!
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  • Good morning! Man, I miss you ladies. I'm barely on bc I hate dealing with my iPad and half the keys of my laptop arent working. On a completely unrelated note, don't spill coffee on your laptop ;) Washington is amazing, but I'm starting to miss my husband, lol. The hiking is killer, though. Not quite ready to give that up! Food has been hit and miss, but I have done better with getting my calories up recently. Also, I did a mud run obstacle course last weekend. It was awesome, but not a challenge. I started with wave 11 at 1030a and finished with wave 8 that started at 930a hah. Guess its time to start seriously training toward a challenging goal. I miss you all!!
  • Haha it is indeed and I have no idea.. Well I woke up bc my back was hurting.. But I'm not very tired and can't fall back asleeeep. And I miss you too!! Seriously missing this bored like woah. Where is xcal? Is she still in Seattle? Ugh I hate not feeling updated on knottie liiiiife!
  • Omg! You're all moved, Kwith!! I'm sorry to hear about the food.. We have experienced that from WA to FL so I can understand the frustration.. And tailbone?mis this a common thing for you? Preexisting injury? Yay for a follow up interview!!
  • Oh ftl - I don't even PEE at 430 am ...

    We miss you too! Glad to hear that you're enjoying nature, too bad that your H can't be there too...

    We had a fabulous weekend weather-wise, but are now looking at a week of rain. Boo! I was just starting to have fun playing outside again!

    Good luck on the follow up, kwith! I hope you get the job!
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    Good morning everyone!

    Yesterday was good for me. I got a brief afternoon walk (we had to stay close to the building because there were scattered thunderstorms. Thankfully we got our walk done between two bouts of rain), then after work the weather cleared up and I had my first softball practice in 15 years! I didn't realize how much I missed it.

    My arm hurts today from throwing the ball around. I didn't think It'd hurt that bad because I throw disk's all the time.

    Food ended up being under yesterday, but after my disastrous weekend eating I needed that.
  • Hello all and Happy Tuesday. Today is my Thursday - I took off Thursday & Friday this week to get ready for the wedding. I still feel like there's a million things to do in the next 4 days! Eeek!

    Yesterday I ate well- we had grilled chicken and broccoli for dinner which was really good and low-calorie. And we took a walk around the neighborhood with our dog. A pretty good night, I thought!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  • Morning everyone!
    @Lobsters - congrats on the 1/2 lb! That's awesome. @kwith - congrats on the interview! I hope it turns out well for you. @ftl - Washington sounds amazing. I keep waiting for good weather here to go hiking, but I'm better that the hiking in Washington is much better than we have in Maryland.

    Yesterday was a total bust for me. I was in a terrible mood and came home, cleaned, went to the grocery store and made dinner at 10 PM. So food was waaaay over (I shouldn't have made cupcakes....) and I didn't exercise at all. I feel icky and the scale is up a pound :-( Oh well, today will be better! After work, I'm planning on doing some yoga.
  • Morning, ladies!

    Congrats on the 1/2 lb, lobsters!
    kwith and jenny - good luck with the upcoming interviews!
    Linda - can't believe how close you are! Make sure you take some time to sleep and breathe in the next few days too :)

    Yesterday I was finally back on track for the weekend. Instead of eating crappy food, I finally got a bunch of good protein and veggies. Went for a 25km bike ride after it cooled down last night, and it was nice to finally be doing some real exercise again! I'm hoping that yesterday was the turning point in my downward cycle and that it will be back up again from here - and I'm going to try my best to make it so!
  • Morning ladies!  Had a great day yesterday!  My physical therapist added another exercise to my routine and I feel like I am working up more of a sweat at PT than I ever did at the gym LOL.  Food was great.

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  • I'm back after a long weekend of wedding stuff. I went to NJ for my first fitting. The dress fits perfectly on the bottom, but needs to be taken in a lot on top (pear-shaped girl problems). I then had my shower! It was amazing. It was so great to see my friends and family all in one room. It went way too quick. THEN, we did our food tasting. I don't care what anyone says, I will find time to eat each and every course at the wedding because that food was SO delicious. After that, we finally met our officiant in person. He was so personable and funny. I'm really looking forward to our ceremony. And THEN (possibly the most exciting part), we finally bought my new e-ring setting and our wedding bands. When we first got engaged, we just got a plain setting with the plan to get the real setting and band together. I selected a halo setting with a diamond band for the e-ring and a matching diamond eternity band for the wedding band. It is going to take 3 weeks to make, but when I had the sample on, I just did not want to take it off! 
  • Good afternoon ladies!

    Yesterday I only managed to run 9 of my planned 12 miles.  I am so disappointed in myself.  I keep reminding myself that the half marathon will be run at 8 in the morning instead of 5 at night and that there is no way that it is going to be 90+ degrees that early in the morning.  It was so hot that I just could not keep running.  The first 6 miles were manageable, but it went downhill quickly after that.  This awful run has me worried that I won't be able to finish my half on June 2nd.

    We ordered pizza for dinner.  I just had 1 piece and 2 small breadsticks.  With the run, I was under on calories.  The scale was down half a pound this morning, but I am not sure that it will last.
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  • Good morning everyone!

    kwith & jenny - good luck on the interviews! You guys will rock them, I am sure.
    ftl - good to hear from you again, and you are ker-azy for being awake at 4:30.
    andrea - oooh you should post pictures of your new rings when you get them!!

    Long weekends are... awesome. However, this one left me a bit sore. My parents have house renos starting today (new floors on the entire main floor, counters and backsplash) - so FI and I spent several hours on Saturday ripping up old carpet and pulling out every last staple that was left in the floor - which included the staples from the previous carpet as well. That was a lot of time spent bent over with a crowbar! I filled most of my weekend other than that with searching for and purchasing cheap furniture off of kijiji for my brother and his expecting fiancee who have no furniture and are moving here in a month. Then yesterday we went golfing - which of course I did poorly, but it was fun. However, food yesterday was awful. I was left just feeling like crap as I laid in bed last night. Today will be much better!

    I started the morning off with JM's Ripped in 30 - the last day of week 1 for me. I am nervous to do Week 2 tomorrow!!

    Have a good day everyone!
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  • Aww heather don't beat yourself up.msolme days just aren't great work out days, and you still ran a hellofalot. Sarah that sounds like a helpful, buttkicking work out. Two birds, one stone! Good luck on your start of week 2! You got this!
  • Hi Ladies!

    Ugh, I'm home sick with this dreaded norovirus and it. is. awful.  I was up sick ALL night and have the kind of fever that makes your whole body and skin hurt.  So this is just completely miserable whining.  But I'm not the kind of person who can ever nap or sleep during the day, so I'm really bored!  And I had to cancel a meeting with a venue because I am outbreak monkey.

    Despite all of this I'm committed to focus on something else and I'm already looking for my next race.  I need something new to try to tackle!  

    btw, it's 4 months 'til my wedding, crazy!!
  • @lovelyheather - totally agree about the heat killing a run.  a few miles in the heat is worth 12 under better conditions in my opinion.  you're still going to be awesome at your half!
  • Good afternoon ladies!

    Yesterday wasn't too bad. As I said, no formal work out, just the exercise I involuntarily do at work lol. Today I only walked to work, as I had to take a cab home. Fi wanted me to pick up kitty litter and kitty food, so I had to take the cab.
    I am off early so I might head to the gym this evening.

    On second thought... I might actually head to the gym now, so I can be done my workout by the time fi gets off work.
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    hiiiiiiiii everyone!! I'm sorry I've been completely MIA! After exams I was in Chicago visiting my best friend and I literally did not open my computer once except to check my grades. We essentially walked everywhere and I did the usual touristy stuff.
    We ate...we drank..we ate..we drank. I'm sure you get the picture! Finally got back late sunday and was up at 5 am Monday morning for summer. I teach Mon-Thurs on campus for four hours each day and then am busy doing lab work till around 5 at night. Days are long but it is money.

    Food the past couple days has been good as I obviously have to get my ass back on track. Today was my first workout (4 miles), not sure what tomorrow will bring workout wise. I have to rethink when I'm going to spin/workout classes because some of my favorites conflict with teaching.

    Happy to be back :)
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