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Tuesday Accountability

B: Oatmeal (110), banana (105)
S: Apple (72)
L: Veggie soup (240), side salad (70)
D: Turkey burgers (231), cauliflower with cheese (63)
S: Frozen greek yogurt (100)

Total: 991, I'll probably add in an afternoon snack and some cheese on my burgers tonight

Re: Tuesday Accountability

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    B: Oatmeal and Apple
    S: Granola Bar
    L: Going out with my coworker to celebrate our one year anniversary with the company
    D: Probably something light since I will most likely have a big lunch..idk yet.

    E- 5 mile run and weights
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    B: Two "breakfast burritos" - corn tortillas, scrambled eggs, salsa (283)
    S: GF Vanilla Granola (140)
    L: Leftover pork chop with green beans (184)
    S: Seed and Fruit Mix - sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips, cranberries (105)
    D: Not sure yet

    E: Weights/Abs/Pushups, run dependent on when I get out of work today.  We're going to see Star Trek tonight, so I need to leave by 3 to get a run in.

    ETA: 712 before dinner.
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    Not sure about my menu yet today.  I had a banana and coffee for breakfast and am making vegan stuffed peppers for dinner for my mom, with some organic garlic shallot pasta from the farmer's market.  Nom!

    Also...  I'm buying p90x.  I did it a few years ago when I borrowed it from a friend, and am finally plunking down my money to start it again.  I really enjoyed it at the time, and need to do something to step out of my 'cardio' box.  

    Have a great Tuesday!
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