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The whole week was amazing! We had such a great group of family and friends to share our whole week with! The wedding day went amazing except for one little tiny detail which really cant even be considered Bad. I had set my song to walk to up in I tunes to play in a specific spot of the song and stop at a certain point as I wanted the instrumental part in the middle. Well apparently the person running my Ipad saw that the song was not starting at the beginning and must have thought it was wrong so he dragged the little cursor to the beginning of the song to play it. Which was a HUGE bummer as I had really wanted the song to play this spot but oh well if that is the worst thing about the day I cant really complain. Of course we had onlookers but they do have little ropes on each side of the gazebo which people nicely respected. Since my family wanted an AHR we just did a semi private dinner in the Beach restaurant which I was extremely happy with. It was so nice to sit, eat and drink with everyone there and have a good time. Somewhere along the line a cake fight broke out, not sure how it happened but the 3 involved seemed to really enjoy it so more power to em!


Our resort was amazing everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and kept telling me how great a job I did at picking it. The one thing I didn’t like was that it took forever to walk from our ocean front room to the lobby/buffet/restaurants.


Our weather was amazing the whole week! It rained twice for about ten minutes and the night before we left there was a big storm but we were sleeping and was perfect the next morning when we woke up! The weather on the wedding day was the best! It was kind of cloudy so the sun was not beating down on everyone and there was a nice breeze, probably because of the big storm that happened that night but it really was perfect weather so that we were not miserable!


After the wedding we of course took more and more pictures…. Then met up with everyone back in the pool until dinner came along! Really could not have asked for a better day J


I seriously have no ugly or bad. I can’t find one think to complain about. Our resort staff was amazing always saying hi giving you hi fives in the hallway. Maids always saying HI.

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