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Problem with venue for new date being set

Hi need some help out there. My fiance and I were suppose to be getting married this coming September but things came up so we decided to postpone it til next year. I called the venue to let them know and they said just call us with a new date. I called the other day to see what was available and if we'd still be getting the prices we'd signed for on the contract for 2013. They called back after speaking to the owner and said we have to pay 2014 prices, which is no big deal difference $5-10. The biggest problem is that they were allowing us to have 75 guests on a Friday, now they are saying we need 100 guests whether it'd be Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We both have small families and not that many close friends, so there is no way we are going to come up with 100 guests. They have our names on hold for a date, but I must let them know soon. What can I do to get them to give us the 75 guests they gave us for 2013. The manager said it was a special but nowhere on our contract did I see it say it was a special. I don't know what to do. I don't want to have to find another venue. This is where I want to have the wedding held. I'm lost. Please help if you can


Re: Problem with venue for new date being set

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    Could you ask them if you can pay for extras instead of having the people?  Usually it's about hitting minimums, so maybe they'd be willing to work with you.  You could add something like a candy or dessert bar, extra lighting, an upgrade on chairs, or something.
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