Photographer recommendations

Can i please get some recommendations for good photographers that are decently priced. We are looking at around $500-$750ish. Thanks in advance for help!

Re: Photographer recommendations

  • Have you tried contacting the photography departments at UT, Texas State, St. Edward's, Southwestern University, etc?

    Between offering them money and giving them the opportunity to build their portfolio,  you just might get someone.  :)

    Good luck!!
  • Captive Art Photography is wonderful! She did our engagements and I just LOVED them. She's happy to work with anyone who can't afford much. I love her because she is determined not to be a huge chunk of everyone's wedding budget. 

    She starts around $750 but she worked with me to get what I wanted for what I could afford. She was a life saver!

  • Give the Art Institute of Austin a try. I work there and they have a lot of recent photo grads that are looking for opportunities. Call career services and they can give you a list. Or send me a private message and I can send you a couple of names.
  • Aimage Photography did our wedding.  Lisa Shepard won't be the cheapest, but her photos are beautiful.
  • Thank you for the suggestion of Captive Art, I'm using her for engagement photos and will probably use her for wedding! Right budget!
  • Try emailing emily@emilyandm.com

    She is a photographer just getting into weddings and is offering really affordable rates.
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