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Best Registry to cover many sites

All - 
I'm a bit out of the realm of what is the best way to do registries these days... Since I am 31 (plus 7) years old :)   
Anyways, I've seen things like that pulls various stores into once central place.  I love this idea!!!  
What else is out there that I can take a look at that works?? 
Any thoughts or opinions?

thank you!

Re: Best Registry to cover many sites

  • Try Amazon.  You can include items sold on Amazon and then have a "universal registry" component where you add things from other websites.  When we used it, we downloaded some kind of button on our web browser to add things from other sites.
  • Thanks girls! I agree, and I was going to do BBB & maybe Macy's; my family is literally scattered all over the country.  I just want like 1 site that pulls all of the registries into one location.  So Amazon, Target, William Sonoma, BBB ... all filter into one site.  And it's all managed that way.  
  • There's also websites like  These websites will also pull together all of your registries.

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  • Keep in mind that if you use Amazon's universal registry to create your BBB, etc. registries, your guests will not be able to walk into BBB and have them pull up your registry, and you won't get any of the perks from the store, like completion discount.  

    We registered at Amazon, BBB, and Macy's.  We had a few stores where we wanted 1-2 items (REI, William Sonoma) and we added items from those stores to our Amazon registry, but our BBB and Macy's were through those stores.  I would recommend doing the same: pick 1-2 stores where you would have large wishlists for your registries, and then get anything else onto Amazon (or whatever service you choose).
  • Ditto PP. We registered at Amazon, Crate and Barrel and Macys. The majority of our gifts were purchased in person at C&B and Macys, typically by the older/last minute crowd. I think we registered for about 25 different things on Amazon and we received about half of it.

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  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i didn't know that, Jessica, thank you for pointing that out!!! Yeah, that is not what I thought at all.  

    I stumbled on that giftregistry360 site - so I'm glad to see you mention that, 50 Shades.  

    Thanks all - have a great holiday weekend!
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