May 2013 Weddings

Happy Thoughts to all of us May brides

Just wanted to take a moment and send out Happy Thoughts to all of us May brides.
After a year of planning...the big event will be this sunday the 26th!!
Excited, nervous....and that is just about the weather!
For those of us celebrating our wedding this weekend, here is to love, laughter and a lifetime of happiness!!

Re: Happy Thoughts to all of us May brides

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    Here! Here! :)

    Can you believe it's almost here? Thanks for the upbeat topic, lena!

    I just decided that I have a love/hate relationship with TK's checklist. I think about how much planning I've accomplished already and I'm so happy that I have pretty much everything done. Then I log on here and see that I have 3 days to go and TWENTY-NINE to-dos. What?!

    I sure love your thoroughness TK but sometimes...
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    I went through some of the to-do items and checked off...just so I didn't have such a high number left.
    I think I will remember to breath and to smile, etc. etc.  I think I have 8 "real" items on the to-do list.
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