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Feeling hopeless!

Well, I'm at the point where I just break down thinking about the beautiful wedding dress headed my way this June. It's the gown of my dreams and I won't be able to fit into it. Here's the thing: I'm a 20 year old use to be dancer and the second I stopped dancing, I started packing on the pounds. And now, with my dress on its way I am feeling the heat. I ordered my dress a size smaller than what I was at the time, knowing that my wedding isn't until Summer 2014. Well now, I realize I want to fit into my dress when it gets here and I'm 2 sizes away.
I have started working out at Pure Barre as many times a week as I can, but I'm realizing the problem is food. I'm a horrible picky eater so diets have NEVER worked. My sweet tooth gets the better of me every time. I'm lost :(

Re: Feeling hopeless!

  • Welcome and congrats!

    Listen to kwith, she speaks the truth. Diets don't work - moderation is key. Tracking is a great place to start, you can see what you're really consuming and what you're burning through exercise. This is a supportive community where you won't get tips on a 'quick fix,' but you will find people who are interested in a lifestyle change.

    Post in the accountability threads - there's one every day, and lots of tips and advice (but only when you ask for it - we're not preachy)!

    Good luck!
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  • Hello and congrats! PPs have it right - I tried to diet one time. I was done with it in a week. I've been tracking my food instead and see progress (usually - I stop seeing progress when I stop tracking). I track on myfitnesspal and have my settings at half a pound of weight loss per week so I don't feel like I'm starving and I can still eat a sweet every day.

    Stick around - the ladies here are great for advice!
  • Oh honey, you have plenty of time to get in shape before your big day! Don't sweat it, I ordered my dress a size smaller and it's here already. My wedding is in 3 months, and I still need to lose 15 pounds. When there is a will, there's a way. These ladies are all VERY supportive and helpful!
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  • I was a dancer when I was in jr high and high school and I gained 30 pounds in 2 years after I stopped dancing at 19. Last year I made a new year's resolution to drop the weight and lost 20 pounds in 3 months after I started logging what I ate and working out 2x a week. (I'm still working on the other 10 pounds.. :))

    Definitely try logging what you eat and stick around! The daily accountablity boards make me feel so much more accomplished after a good workout or when I do well at avoiding high-calorie foods. The ladies on here are awesome and so inspirational!

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    Thank you to everyone who has responded. My fiancé and I decided to try a juice cleanse last night and we are already done trying with that disgusting method. Next step, logging what I eat! I guess I need that eye opener to really buckle me down into this. Thank you again everyone :)
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    Yah we are returning the juicer now! Haha
    I just signed up for my fitness pal and my daily calorie intake is supposed to be 1400 which is like 400 calorie meals. How do you find meals that don't total over that? Can you tell I'm a college kid use to fast food for every meal? Haha
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    Lean protein and vegetables are a low calorie meal. I can eat a grilled and marinated chicken breast and half a bushel of asparagus for under 200 calories. Limit things like grains- pasta, rice, noodles, whatever, and try to focus on lean protein, veggies, and fruits. 
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  • When you're eating fast food, get your chicken grilled instead of crispy and skip the bun. We eat a lot of pasta in my house, but we also eat A LOT of veggies. If you do pasta, get whole grain. It'll keep you filled up longer and you don't need as much (at least I don't). When I was in college and eating fast food, I looked up the calories and sodium in everything that I ate and kept a list of the low calorie and low sodium options at our favorite fast food places.
  • Hey,
    fellow college kid here. I am learning how to cook for myself so I can avoid fast food. I just pick up cookbooks on sale at my local bookstore. (Internet recipes overwhelm me).
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