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RG3's Wedding Registry

Excuse me if this has already hit one of the other boards I don't check as much, but FI told me some entertaining celebrity wedding news today...  

I doesn't sound to me like they did anything wrong, provided, of course, that all of the fans get a prompt TY note :) 

CN: Fans discovered the Redskin's quarterback's wedding registry at BBB and bought almost all of the items.  

Re: RG3's Wedding Registry

  • I definitely wouldn't either; what a way to spend your money! Though if one of the Pats was getting married and their registry became public knowledge I would check it out out of curiosity.  I think they were fine to register in general, since there are probably people in any family who wouldn't dream of not sending a gift, and I don't recall there being a way to password protect BBB registries.  
  • I'll bet his bride to be is annoyed because there is probably nothing left for their guests to get them! lol
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