Keeping DIY Flowers Fresh

I'm contemplating making my own bouquets, but I'm nervous about the flowers wilting overnight. I'm getting married this August, and we just have a little apartment without air conditioning, and I fear that would spell doom for the flowers! DIY bouquet pages seem to be quiet on this subject. Is there anyone who has made their own bouquets who can make recommendations for keeping them beautiful for the wedding day?

Re: Keeping DIY Flowers Fresh

  • If you are cutting your own fresh flowers, which is what I am planning, investigate conditioning of flowers.  If you are buying flowers, they will already be conditioned. If you are doing a hand tied bouquet, you can make the bouquet the night before but keep the open part of the stems uncovered and keep the bottom of the bouquet in water in your refrigerator.  Be forewarned, flowers kept in the frig can trade smells with other items kept in the frig.  Many people suggest doing a trial run to get you more comfortable with the process and that will also help you get an idea of how the flowers will keep.   You can also make the bouquets the morning of the wedding. 
  • Thanks for your advice! And a trial run is such a great idea.
  • I'm doing my own bouquets as well because I just love the idea of the personal touch. from my understanding you can buy the flowers 2 days in advance. Care for them according to the instruction packet. If you have the foam or sponge (to hold the flowers in place) soak them in water. Cut the stems, arrange the flowers, then place them in fresh cold water with the flower food. Change the water daily until your big day. Good luck and Congratulations!! 
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