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How long should we stay in a hotel??

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So my fiance will have three weeks of leave in July starting the 14th and we are getting married on the 20th. He's stationed in Fort Drum NY and I live in Salina KS, so we're a good 1500 miles apart right now. After the wedding of course we'll get a hotel, but my question is how long should we stay there? My parents said we can stay with them while he's in town, and we won't have enough money to stay in a hotel the entire time he's here, but I do want us to have some true privacy. More than just my closed bedroom door, you know? What do ya'll think?

Re: How long should we stay in a hotel??

  • I would probably just do a weekend. The night of the wedding and a night after. Are you moving with him soon?
  • I would do at least two or three nights, but it depends on what you can afford.  
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    Could you do two at first (partly in case one or both of you are too tired/drunk for "hotel fun") and then another night or two right before? 
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    Take 2 or 3 days to be at the Hotel, so that way you can enjoy a bit of privacy.

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