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Wednesday accountability


Food and workout stayed as planned yesterday, though no second workout when I got home.  I did limit myself to one cookie when I really wanted a second, though.  Go willpower!

Well, the 1/2 lb didn't stay off, which makes me sad.  Measurements are also exactly the same, which means with four days left of 30ds (today included), I basically had no results.  Crazy considering I had a few days of super intense boxing in there, too.  It's weird, because I feel like I look more toned, but the measuring tape has let me know that's just in my head.  It also stinks because it probably means I will not get to my goal for my friend's wedding next week, which is about 3-3.5 lbs lower than where I am.

Food and workout will be the same today, though I might finally convince myself to do plyo, too, just to see if I can get the scale moving.

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Wednesday accountability

  • Oh Lobsters, I'm sorry you're not seeing the results you want. Again, I feel your pain.

    My half a pound is back, and it brought a friend.

    I did an elliptical workout again last night, but it took a lot of willpower to get off the couch. My resistance bands arrived in the mail yesterday, so now I need to work on a program to use them.

    Food was okay (or so I thought, until I looked at the breakdown. Carbs were WAY too high). It seems the more I try to balance them with my protein intake the worse it gets. I don't eat bread or pasta, can't stand white potatoes and have all but removed rice (which was a staple) from my diet. Milk and fruit are destroying my carb counts.

    DD has a rehearsal this evening, which means another day of rushing home, no down time before supper, getting her to the concert hall, going back for her ... and a workout somewhere in the middle. I'm already tired, and I just got up!

    Have a good day everyone, and keep plugging away Lobsters...
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  • haha, Jenny, results I want?  I'll just take any results at all at this point!  I consider this a non-result :)

    Sorry about your scale issues, too :(

    p90x has resistance band modifications for the weight days.  you can find the list of exercises within most of the workouts just by googling them - just an idea for inspiration in starting to build new workouts!
  • bahaha kw - I love your mod-squad 50's housewife day.

    forgot to mention that in last post @jennylee813 - totally agree with @kwitherington, don't worry about the complex carbs from fruit!

    look, I did the @, what on earth does this all mean?
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    Morning guys. 

    Lobsters, I've been going pretty hard with my working out lately too with no results. Scale hasn't budged in months and I haven't lost a dang nothing measurement wise. I need a shake up. 

    Jenny, good job getting your booty off the couch girl. That's the hardest part and was definitely my struggle yesterday today. 

    KW, you're the most badass house wife ever, you hot thang you!

    Yesterday was okay, which is seemingly how my days always go. I couldn't for the life of me get myself to the gym after school yesterday. I ended up doing the plyo cardio insanity workout instead. I was pleasantly surprised by how hard I found it since I consider myself to be in decent shape. So that was good and I'm good sore today. Found was meh, started good ended bad. Story of my life.

    Today is school schedule again. I need, need, need to get to the gym today if I want to make my mileage goal for the week without killing myself Thursday and Friday. I need my food to be better today. I'm pretty much the poster child for that adage of you can't out exercise a bad diet. 

    Just have to muscle through this week. 
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  • Yes, this points system is complicated!

    @kwith (see what I did there) - rock the 50s housewife modifications! I LOVED being a SAHM.

    I'm not worried about the milk/fruit carbs (okay, maybe a little, when I see them in the red on MFP), but being my Type A self, I don't like not meeting my goals...

    I've decided that I have until the end of June to make my dress fit. We have a trip to Ontario sort of planned (FI keeps changing his mind), and I'll get something else there if mine isn't wearable at that point.
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  • Sorry about the nonresults.. I've been feeling that too.. Hopefully though with losing the past two weeks, I'll keep up some momentum. Sorry to be MIA, the past few days have been nuts! I ate everything over the weekend but the past two days have been good. I ate more protein and fewer carbs, so I'm hoping I can salvage a loss friday morning. Although tomorrow after school is my work shower!! I'm excited and I know I'll eat some sort of desserts/have a glass of wine, but I'll stay on control. I was planning on running this morning but I woke up and heard severe thunderstorms so...I slept. Later I'll hopefully run and have Zumba. Happy hump day!
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  • Good morning, everyone!

    My brother has been coming to the gym with me, so he wanted to work on some upper body stuff. I am feeling not having worked out for 6 weeks, but I am loving being back in the gym.
    I have been feeling down, so it's nice to have my brother with me this week.

    I hope everyone has a fantastic day!
  • Good (Early) Morning everyone. 3 DAYS! I woke up 2 hours before my alarm usually goes off and I can't get back to sleep. It's a little ironic that this happens after about 10 people told me yesterday to get enough sleep this week. Meh..

    Lobsters & Jenny- I'm so sorry you aren't seeing the results you'd hoped for.. You are both such an inspiration for your hard work and I'm sure it will start showing soon. I agree that if you feel better about yourself, that is a huge benefit.

    CNF- I also can't seem to get in a workout when I really need it. I hope you can find time for one today!

    MrsR- I have a shower tomorrow too! And today is my last day of work this week so I'm not calling it hump day this week. That's so sweet that your coworkers are throwing a shower for you. :)

    Yesterday I was way under calories which is a first in a few weeks. I was at my mom's and about 9:30 it hit me that besides some crackers, I hadn't eaten since breakfast.. Whoops. Getting all the final details together apparently was more important that food. But I never felt hungry! I hope that doesn't last through Saturday..
  • Good morning everyone!

    Yesterday was not as good as I wanted it to be. The only activity I managed to get was an afternoon walk, and then after work there was a going away party for my co-worker who is leaving this week...needless to say, beer and bar food put me over for the day (I broke just about even).

    I really need to reel in the food. I feel like I've been out of control lately. It's driving me nuts.
  • Good morning!

    Like Lobsters, the half pound loss that I saw yesterday has disappeared.  Trying not to worry about it.  I didn't run yesterday so it really isn't that surprising. 

    Today's plan: be at/under calorie goal and run 4.5 miles
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  • Good morning everyone!

    I'm back at work after yesterday's killer stomach flu.  I'm not 100% but WAY better than yesterday!  I pretty much ate some toast, applesauce, and a banana yesterday.  And I sat on the couch and cleaned out my dvr, in excellent sick style.

    Today I'm going to try to incorporate some real food back into my life.  I packed a simple lunch (soup, banana, yogurt) so we'll see how that goes.  I brought clothes to do kettlebell if I'm feeling up to it after work.  If not I'll squeeze in some walks to just get moving.
  • @kwitherington Thank you. It was a crazy month (and a half). I did lurk, though, and as always, was really amazed by how hard all of you ladies work.
  • @kwitherington - one of the reasons I've been so out of control is because of the days when I'm home by myself trying to get work done on the computer...every hour I will get up and get a snack even if I'm not hungry. It's pretty bad! I know I can get this under control, I just have to pay better attention!
  • @Lobsters - sorry about not seeing results :( That sucks.
    @jenny - friends of half pounds suck. I feel ya there - I haven't gone near the scale in awhile. I'm scared that my half pound brought a whole party with it.
    @mrsr - have fun at your shower tomorrow! That's so exciting!
    @cloves - that sucks :( I hope your stress level goes down soon!

    Yesterday was good for exercise, bad for food. I did well until I came home and polished off my ice cream (there was only a little bit left!) and ate chips (not TOO many.....) and 2 lollipops. It was just one of those days. I did finally get my butt moving and doing some vinyasa yoga though. It's getting much easier, so I think soon I'll have to try some other yoga routines. Mix it up a little! I'm really hoping that my pool stops being a green swamp and starts looking like a pool soon so I can swim and count that as exercise! I guess technically I could swim in it now, but I'm pretty sure there's some sort of sea/swamp monster that lives there, so I don't want to chance it.
  • Well. Sorry everyone is having bad news this morning with the scales. I can feel y'alls pain. However, the scale was in my favor this morning. I'm down 4 pounds. I think most of it was from that buffet this Sunday. Me and FI had Panera bread last night and I had the spinach power salad, it's SO good. Proud of myself for keeping my workouts up all week so far. My dress came yesterday. I'm terrified to try it on. My first fitting is next month, so I have some time. MUST stay motivated. Hope y'all have a good Wednesday! Keep up the good work.
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  • cnf2013cnf2013 member
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    @entropic and Kw, I feel you guys. My eating has been so out of control lately. I just cannot seem to get myself back on track. And it doesn't help that FI has also been off track with his eating too. We tend to feed off each others behaviors. Ack. 
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  • Hello everyone!

    It seems I'm getting into the habit of checking in later these days.

    Yesterday was a pretty good day. I got off work early, and was able to go to the gym for about an hour before Fi got off work. I went on the elliptical for a half hour and burned through 411 calories. I wasn't going to push myself, but I find I get into a zone while I'm working out lol. There's always a goal number of calories I want to burn while doing cardio.
    I also did some leg strength training. I bumped my leg press up from 180 to 200 yesterday as 180 was becoming too easy. 200 was a challenge - in a good way. I didn't over exert myself or anything, it just made me feel like I was making progress :D

    Food was alright. I made cookies last night... finally! I've been wanting to make them for a while but always felt too tired or lazy to do so. But I made them while I was making supper since I was down stairs and the oven was already on. lol

    On a non-GIS related note - only 1 more month until the big day!!
    Married as of June 22, 2013!!!

  • @xcalygirl - that sounds like an awesome breakfast and lunch.
    @AllieBear725 - congrats! That's awesome self-control.

  • Thanks @winelover123 Your name makes me wish I had a glass of wine right now, LOL.
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  • I always want a glass of wine :-D A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away, right? Or something along those lines.
  • Hey ladies-
    The last few days have been very late ones for me, hence the  no check ins.  Unfortunately I'm joining the 'scale isn't moving' club this week.  This past week I began P90x, which lowered my fitness/cardio range cal burns and upped my strength range burns, which I'm guessing is what did it for me.  I don't take my measurements every week, since I feel that they are too inaccurate since I'm not the best at keeping landmarks right, they are down since the last time I took them about 3 weeks ago, but then I still get frustrated since I don't feel like my clothes are loser :(  I get the whole reason why my scale didn't move this week, I get that if I feel that I look more toned I probably am, and that that's progress, I logically get all of it.  But I'm sorry, when you weigh what I do, the scale NEEDS to keep farking moving!!!! Grrr!  (sorry, end rant) :)

    Anyway, Monday I played 2 softball games, and the same yesterday.  Today I did P90x legs and back, ab ripper, and day 3 of level 1 of 30DS all back to back.  Not to be gross, but with the humidity today, I think I'm honestly less soaked when I get out of the shower! eew!  I have playoffs tonight as well, which means we better play 2 games, it's a win and you're in/lose and your out type plan.  Food will be on track for sure today, no excuses!
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    Don't worry @xcalygrl, none of us will judge you if you have a beer for breakfast on your honeymoon ;)
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    jennylee813[Deleted User]
  • Super late in today!

    Yesterday was pretty good food-wise... I was on track for calories right up until the end of the day, when I came home and FI had made bacon wrapped sweet potato rounds, thinking I would be hungry. Very sweet of him but it put me a bit over calories - but so worth it, they were DELICIOUS. Frisbee practice yesterday, frisbee game again tonight.

    You ladies are inspiring me with your 30DS and P90x. I have decided that as of Sunday, starting after my frisbee tournament, I'm going to start 30DS too! If you can do it and manage so much other stuff in your days, I'm going to give it a shot too.
  • Poopoopoo on the no results! My scale is up, but my inches are slowly going down - and I will sacrifice my scale numbers for that any day. I really hope it continues.

    My butt is amazingly sore right now, and am going to go do week 2 of Ripped in 30. I will let you all know tomorrow how that went... I am expecting painful!

    Sorry I can't say more... It's late!
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