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Wednesday Accountability

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B: Egg white omelette (196), 1/2 english muffin (50)
S: Apple (72) 
L: Turkey burgers (240), side salad (70)
D: Chicken fajitas (359), guac (144)

Total: 1131

Re: Wednesday Accountability

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    B- Apple and Oatmeal
    S- Granola Bar
    L- Turkey Wrap 
    S- Fruit Snacks
    D- Salmon and Rice

    E- Going for the 6 mile today 
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    B:  eggs and toast
    S:  banana
    L:  salad with chicken strips, peach
    S:  fresh cherries
    D:  homemade steak pizza

    E:  cleaning tornado debris off our house and out of our yard.  it counts.
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    B: 2 egg tacos.
    L: Salad with grilled chicken
    D: Not sure yet.

    E: Run, weights, abs, squats, lunges, sit ups, push ups.
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    You guys. . . I have been eating spoonfuls of peanut butter every night for the last 3 days. Like so many spoonfuls. And multiple bowls of cereal. I'm completely derailing my diet, but I can't stop. Literally cannot stop myself. WTF is wrong with me?!??

    B: 1 egg + 2/3 cup egg whites, spinach, chicken, salsa, avocado scramble, 1/2 medium banana, coffee (448)
    S: almonds and prunes (154)
    L: turkey and swiss w/mayo and spinach on sandwich thin with carrots and a nectarine (352)
    S: Cottage cheese and strawberries (180)
    D: Chicken, asparagus, sweet potato (309)
    S: Yogurt flavored with vanilla protein powder and stevia w/strawberries (200)

    I will not eat peanut butter or cereal after my evening snack. I will not. I WILL NOT!

    E: Back and Biceps + Ab Ripper X (HRM: 730)
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    @cschiano:  p90x?  I'm starting (over) tonight!  I've done it before through a group exercise class at my gym, but I can't make it due to my schedule.  Loved the exercises the first time around, really excited about it!  Any tips or tricks?  I posted this on GIS, if you don't want to hijack this thread.  

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    @radleyboo I don't really go over to GIS, so I'll hijack. I doubt anyone will mind too much. 

    This is my second round. I finished a round of the "lean" version from January through April, and then started "classic" after taking a week off. I'm on day 31 of this round. 

    I have found it to be a really fun program overall. The first time through I didn't really follow the diet guide. The first month of this round I did and I feel like it really kick started me seeing some definition that I wasn't getting before. I suggest tracking your food using an app if you don't already. No use in working out hard if you're not going to commit to eating right (says the girl who eats her weight in peanut butter after dinner. . . sometimes I need to punch my face).

    I would recommend getting a good heart rate monitor if you don't have one. I find it to be very motivating to know what is going on with my body during a work out. I wear it for all of the workouts, not just cardio sessions. Write everything down, like Tony says. Every rep, every weight, if you did push-ups on your knees, if you felt like you had bad form etc. It really helps track your progress and also motivates you (or at least it does for me).

    I work out in the morning, if I didn't I wouldn't make time after work. . . figure out what works best for you and dedicate yourself to doing it every single day. And work hard, don't just go through the movements. Just keep pushing play is the best advice I can give you. Don't give up even when your muscles are so sore you can't lift your arms or sit down (which they will be) and don't quit when you're tired and mentally don't think you can hear Tony say one more word. Just keep going. Skipping one day is a slippery slope. 

    Don't skip yoga (or substitute something else) even though it is long. It is so incredibly good for you. I'm not saying you would skip it, but I know a lot of people do (my DH didn't do many of the yoga workouts). 

    I have bands that help me do pull-ups. I highly recommend them if you can't do pull-ups on your own. I like knowing that I used 1 or 2 or 3 bands to help me versus the chair method where you're guessing on how much pressure you're putting on the chair. Mine are like this <--link

    I haven't lost very much weight or very many inches (truly). I'm not sure why that is. This is kind of discouraging. I'd advise you to stay off the scale except maybe once a month. And make sure to take your measurements. Also, get the app if you have an iphone. 

    Despite my lack of weigh loss, I have noticed that my clothes do fit differently and friends have said I look slimmer. More importantly to me I can now do 4 unassisted chin-ups (0 to start), 30 or more standard push-ups in a row, finish all the reps in Ab Ripper, and so much more. And today I did 8 bicep curls with 20 pounds in each hand. . . which to me is crazy.

    That was a novel. . . let me know if you have workout specific questions when you get into them. Or anything else you want to know. I love giving advice :) 
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    Let me add to my above novel that you will probably gain weight the first two weeks. It will be your muscles retaining water to help repair them. They are in shock from this new intense exercise. It happened to me, but it goes away after about 2 weeks. 
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