Photography HELP!!!

I'm hoping someone on here can help me.  I got James Campbell photography for my wedding.  Him and his wife were great.  We had out e session done by him.  Everything went very well.  He was always where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be. Came to the wedding on time, stayed all night.

Now it is almost 7 weeks after the wedding and I've heard nothing.  I'm fearful something happened to him, and I would really love to see my pictures.  If you know anything, please help.

Thank you.

Re: Photography HELP!!!

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    Before panicking, what did your contract say? What is the delivered time promised?

    I've seen anywhere from 3 weeks to 4 months, so he may be hard at work on them now. You need to check your contract before you get worried.

    Additionally, it is wedding season now, most photogs have 1-2 weddings a weekend. So understand that October is extremely busy.

    Read your contract. If he is within the time period, you are fine and I'd probably delete this message since it makes him look unprofessional. If he is over, email him and ask him what's going on.

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    Contract said I should have online proofs and DVD in two weeks.

    Also I emailed last wednesday, called on Friday, never heard, called again last night went straight to vm, then emailed again.  I finally got confirmation that they should be up by Friday.  I am very fond of him and he's always been very easy to get into contact with.  Therefore when I didn't receive any word from him I got nervous.

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    Call the po-po. After all, "him" and his wife could be missing.
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    I thought about it ; )

    It is seriously unlike him.  He got back to me this morning.  Said probably by the end of the week.  I'm fine with that. I just want to know they are coming.  That's all.
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    My fiancee and I have narrowed our photography choices down to James Campbell and another vendor. Based on what happen with the delay and not being able to contact him, would you still recommend him?

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