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Kansas City Catering? (And others)

I'm at my "compare caterers" time in my planning. Our reception will be at the Grand Ballroom w/ the KC Convention Center. KCCC has an approved caterer list. Some I've already crossed off my list. Some that I'm still choosing from are:

--Brancato's (Wow! Hard to get a hold of. Not happy so far with lack of communication in just trying to get a quote.)
--Jack Stack BBQ (I have an appt. set up for a tasting)
--Affordable Catering (haven't reached out yet, but I'm really concerned about the bad review at https://plus.google.com/110443975418707170656/about?hl=en about the server who got drunk and was escorted out of the reception by police.)
--Kansas City Catering

I just don't know what to think about KC Catering. The woman there, Linda, is very prompt and professional via e-mail. Yet the one and only review I seem to be able to even find online is not good: http://www.yelp.com/biz/kansas-city-catering-inc-kansas-city. My mom, though, just learned yesterday that she is friends with someone who knows the owner of KC Catering. My mom's friend told her that KC Catering would make sure that I'm a happy customer; apparently the owner is great with customer service. 

Hmmm ... have any of you used KC Catering? Or even any of the others that I'm looking at??? Goods, bads?


Re: Kansas City Catering? (And others)

  • Have you looked in to Cupini's?  I went to a wedding that had their catering and it was pretty good. I believe I've heard good things about them on here as well. 

  • Also, I know Aramark is the preferred Convention Center caterer.  Honestly, they are just as good if not better than most that you have listed in your original post.  (I've attended many galas there with food prepared by them.)  Plus, it's my understanding that using them will qualify you for a discount on all your alcohol.

    Another random tip...  If you haven't already check out BBJ Linens online.  Catering provided rentals aren't that great.  And many of the higher-end florists (Blue Bouquet is one) just rents from them and then charges you extra.  Might as well cut out the middle man.  :)


    I had my reception at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and Aramark was their caterer but they have their own chef at the Kauffman.  I worked with the chef to create my custom menu becuase I didn't want to have the 'banquet' food listed on the menu.  I gave them a price point and they created the dishes I wanted!  They were great and the quality of food was incredible. 

  • I've heard that Plaza Catering starts at $12.50/guest and they are willing to look into a Korean/Mexican menu for me and FI. We haven't contacted them though as we don't have a venue yet to even worry about catering.
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