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Has anyone used Bella Flowers in Huntington, NY?

Has anyone on here used, or know someone who has used Bella Flowers in Huntington, NY? If you have what was your experience. I'm feeling a little put off by them. I booked with them back in November 2012 for my November 2013 wedding. At the time I booked they didn't ask me for much information (drop off locations, times?) and I am feeling a bit concerned. I have emailed them 3 times since last week and only got a response today. When i asked about coming in to see the samples at our final meeting they responded with "well if your flowers are in season". Well I think you should know whether they are in season and if they aren't then why did you accept my booking those? Just a nervous bride :/ The reviews have all been good, but just wanted to see how other peoples experiences were. Thanks so much!

Re: Has anyone used Bella Flowers in Huntington, NY?

  • i think they may have meant they can make your samples if the floweres are in season NOT if the flowers are in season on your wedding date.

    this is may. you want to see the final 6 months before?


  • no my apt for finals is in sept, but she said if the flowers are in season. isn't she supposed to know if the flowers are in season? shouldn't she have checked before responding?
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