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Grooms' wear - I need help!!

Hello ladies :) I am having a mini-crisis here lol. I need some help.

So we went to do the tux fitting last weekend and I got talked into something different than I envisioned for the grooms' wear.

Our wedding theme is Old Hollywood/glam/cocktail hour (it's an evening wedding at a country club). My dress is champagne (photo below). Maggie Sottero Calista in Alibaster.

I pictured a very classic tuxedo for the men. What I got is a classic tuxedo from Men's Warehouse with an ivory shirt. Groom in Black tux/ivory shirt/silver bow tie & vest. Groomsmen in the same except purple bow tie & vest to match BMs.

I feel like the ivory shirt is a miss - I am finding online that MW consistently recommends this combo for grooms if the bride is not wearing white.

I also feel like the ivory shirt clashes with the silver bow tie. At the end of the day, I guess i pictured my groom in a completely classic tux - all black and white.

I did the virtual wedding party thing - hilarious LOL. Anyways, can someone take a look at the pics and let me know what you think?

I am open to any suggestions. Here are some other details if it helps:

BMs are wearing Lapis dresses and looking for silver/sparkly shoes

My dress has a rhinestone/sparkly embellishment around the waist (hence why we went with silver for grooms bow tie and vest)

Our wedding colors are purple and rhinestone, with an accent of orange (orange will be present in the wedding bouquets/bouts).

Thank you so much in advance for your help!! :)


Re: Grooms' wear - I need help!!

  • drg424drg424 member
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    Update here (after doing the build a tux thing and going back and forth in email with my mom).

    I am thinking the two groom options are:

    • Ivory shirt/black vest/black bow tie
    • White shirt/ivory vest/ivory bow tie

    I refuse to stay with the silver vest and bow tie at this point. Ugh what a combo!

  • I prefer the black vest & bow tie personally. It's what FI will be wearing as well :-)
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  • drg424drg424 member
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    Thanks @misskristen!

    With the ivory shirt, still? I am getting an amazing amount of grief from my mom and grandmother for wanting to change the shirts to white - LOL.

    I'm tempted to concede with the ivory shirt if I can go with all black for FI and nix the silver.

    I do think the champagne vest and bow tie look nice too - sigh!

    At the risk of looking crazy here are two more virtual party pics LOL.

  • Wheels987Wheels987 member
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    I like the black vest also. I honestly never even considered having the guys wear anything but white shirts... oops! My dress is Ivory, so I hope it doesn't clash. I don't know, I wonder if Ivory on the guys will just look like antique/old shirts. I'd probably go with white.

    I'm going to stalk my friends fb wedding pictures and see if I can tell the color of the guys' shirts. I'll brb!

    Btw, I don't think you're crazy for rethinking this. That's what we do, right?

    EDIT: I looked at other pictures. Bride in ivory, groom in classic tux (white shirt, black vest/bow tie). Looks awesome.
  • drg424drg424 member
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    Thank you! I really disliked the ivory shirt at MW. I always pictured him in a classic tux - no crazy color combos. That isn't "Old Hollywood" to me!

    I think at this point it is between classic tux (with white shirt) and the tux with the champagne vest and bow tie (with white shirt).

    I'm dragging FI to MW again tonight to go re-look. I'm annoyed with myself that I chose so impulsively! And yeah, to your point, this is what we do :)

  • Yeaaa the men's warehouse ivory is pretttty icky!
  • Yeah, we just went to men's warehouse last night and they tried to talk FI into ivory, since I'm wearing Alfred Angelo's diamond white, which is like ivory, but leans more to a cool than a warm (most ivories are made by mixing in some yellow, I guess?) I just couldn't stomach it the men's warehouse ivory. I don't know why. It just looked dingy to me. FI agreed, and thank heaven our salesman just went along with it. So, just my opinion, unless it just looked really good with your FI's skin tone, I would stay away from ivory, regardless. I also think that the black with the white shirt would look awesome :) Very classic!
  • dem068dem068 member
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    I honestly think there is nothing more classy than a classic tux (white shirt, black vest, black bow tie).  I don't think the groomsmeen have to be all matchy matchy with you OR the bridesmaids.  If you think about how you and your FI would dress if you were going to a fancy event, he would (probably) wear a normal tux and you a fancy dress, and you would make a stunning pair.  I think all guys just look so handsome in normal tuxes.  Trying to match with everything exactly doens't always make it look better, and a regular tux would not clash with any of your colors!  My bms are wearing watermelon silk chiffon dresses and I looked at the matching (or closest to what they had), vest for the guys, and it looked ridiculous (granted, it was a lot of pink for the guys!), so we went with classic tuxes.  The guys are all excited about it and I know they will look fantastic
  • FI will prob wear a white shirt...even though my dress is ivory. Especially since I'm hearing that everyone hates the MW ivory shirt lol

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  • drg424drg424 member
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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate it. We are waiting until the weekend to head back there when it's just him and me (we had the whole family with us last time) and I can really think things through.

    I am with you all on classic black tux - so it is between that for him and all the guys, and either of these looks below. I do think it would look nice to tie our looks together, but I'll have to see what MW has for options.

    Also I think it's hilarious that this MW ivory shirt is infamous - just google it, LOL!


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