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Postcard Inn - St. Pete Beach

Very interested in this place, unsure of the pricing but feel that it may be a good value for the area. Has anyone held their wedding here or have any experience of staying here before? I am flying down to visit the property next month, very excited too because I have already feel in love with the place online. We want to keep the reception to around 100 people and have the ceremony on the beach with renting their garden area as a reception venue. Just looking for some insight on the Hotel itself and experiences. I am in the early stages so I am also looking for awesome photographers/videographers, DJ, and steel drum band all within the area of St. Pete.
Whats an average price per plate for the area of St. Pete? Clearwater? Treasure Island?
What have you negotiated in contracts? Anyway to negotiate ceremony space costs if we are holding the entire reception party there and possibly rehearsal dinner?

Re: Postcard Inn - St. Pete Beach

  • The hotel is old, and not too nice.  It's definitely the meat market in the area.....lots of meatheads during the summer. 



  • I decided against this place, not really for the hotels itself, but I really wanted to be in Clearwater. Their prices were pretty high and their indoor venue was outdated. I was told that it was going to be renovated but was not comfortable booking something that I could not envision at the time. Its cute and quirky and it is only a 3 star motel, but it came down to beach preference for me.
  • It's a fun play to stay if you want to party along St. Pete Beach, but we ruled it out for just that reason. We didn't want a giant, RAGING frat party as our wedding back drop. 
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