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So I get scolded all the time on here for planning too far in advance... So far its working for me especially because my FH and I suck at saving, so it allows us to pay for things as we have the money. We have all things secured except for a few my dress and the ceremony location. Waiting for the dress because I am losing weight, and I have to depend on my parents to do the ceremony location because you have to be residents of the town. So anyway. Trying to get some ideas down for the florist... We have discussed bouquets and boutonnieres and centerpieces... After that we don't have any budget left for the ceremony decorations. Any ideas?? We are having a late morning wedding in May of next year, so candles wouldn't do much, and we have a vintage theme. Please ideas would be great. I don't like hearts or bows.... After that I am open for about anything. Thanks Ladies!

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  • There's no reason you have to decorate the ceremony location at all. My DIY budget friendly idea was paper cones from David Tutera's line at Joann's (I think), with baby's breath in them, hung by ribbon on the aisle end of the pews.

    I made my centerpieces with flowers from Costco. I ordered directly from the florist who does the bouquets for the store's kiosk. I got her phone number from their customer service desk. I ordered Costco's 20 piece white rose wedding package online for $399. They have other colors and floral options. In total including vases I think I spent under $600 for everything. You don't even need to spend that much. Check into local flower's markets instead of "florists". Ask family and friends to find someone who is willing to help if you don't have the skills.

    Good luck.

  • If you have a beautiful wedding venue already, there is no need to go overboard with your decorations. Perhaps all you need is a simple arrangement at the altar. 
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    IN all honesty, I haven't gotten to see it yet. The decision was made due to budget (can't complain when its $100 and no time restraint, seating supplied...) So I know its well lit with floor to ceiling windows on each side...

    I think I might do Sue-and Kevin's idea and do the David Tutera paper cones with some flowers in them. I am just looking for some ideas. Any help will do. 

  • i recently met with a florist to go over various price packages. i too feel that for the ceremony it may not be worth the extra bucks on flowers. one idea would be to use 2 of your centerpieces and just pay a small rental fee for a pedestal...of course that depends on what type of centerpieces you get. good luck!
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