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Thursday Accountability

Morning. I think it's secretly Friday, and no one wants to tell me ...

Rest day yesterday. 

Food was really good. Had delicious cod for supper - mmmm! That half pound is insisting on sticking around, so for me, the scale is insisting on going up. I'm about one step away from giving up for good. Napping makes me feel good too - so why trade a nap for a workout, when the results are the same? (sorry, just having a pity party this morning. Every day I get a little farther from my goal)

Hope everyone is doing better than me, and that xcaly is having the best honeymoon ever!!!
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Re: Thursday Accountability

  • Morning!  That would be amazing if it was really Friday, @jennylee813!

    These tags are still weird to me.

    Workout and food went well yesterday (only about 40 cals over), and I did manage to push myself through plyo in an 83 degree room last night.  Scale is down a lb today but I won't celebrate until tomorrow in case it's just from water weight/excessive sweating from the overly hot room.

    Today is a rest day, yay!  That is, unless we push ourselves to boxing tonight - with the weather, though, it's unlikely.  Food will stay on plan, and tomorrow starts the last three days of 30ds - another yay!

    Have a great day everyone!
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    Yesterday was a hot mess. First our imaging apparatus decided to not work, 10 minutes before I needed it. So the 10 hours of prep work to image is now wasted, and I have to redo everything over again.

    Damn you science.

    Then we had a lab dinner at a Korean BBQ and clearly we had to have Soju and... It is pronounced Makoolee (but I could not tell you how it was spelt). We also ate a ton of bbq food which was outstanding. Alas, I overate. I also didn't work out because of the prep work for imaging+teaching, I never had a long enough break where I was able to work out.

    Better today. Must get better today.
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    I don't have a lot of time to read everyone's posts right now. Yesterday was okay. Food wasn't great, but not terrible either. No workout. At this point if I don't get one in first thing in the morning I probably won't get one at all. I have too little time left to get house things done. Our wedding to do list has like two minor things left on it. Our house list is through the roof. This is the wrong stress 9 days out. Stupid. 

    Today I ran 4 miles in HIIT. Fingers crossed I can keep my food in check today. I have a very busy day ahead of me both for work and for the house. 
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  • Morning!

    Yesterday was not very good in terms of food, but I did manage to run just shy of 5 miles at a good pace.  So I am happy with that. 

    Today will be a 3 mile run and hopefully on track with calories.  There is nothing to eat in my apartment so once again I have not had breakfast yet or packed a lunch. 
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  • Good morning everyone!

    Yesterday was sort of EH. I got my afternoon walk and I did go to body combat, but after the cardio tracks someone in the class informed me that my pants were ripped. They had ripped right up the butt seam. Needless to say I sort of booked it out of class, skipping abs and cool down! What's ironic is the pants were actually too big on me (I'm just being cheap and didn't want to buy new pants), but I think them being 2 years old and me tugging them up the entire class is what did the seam in. Lesson learned.

    I thought food was right on track, but I ended up going about 75 calories over for the day yesterday. Today is not looking good on the food front's my co-workers last day so everyone brought treats in (I've already caved and had a donut :() - and I think we might be going out to lunch with her. Gym time after work is going to be pretty much required.

    I feel like I've been pretty stressed out this week. I'm not going to guilt myself about my mistakes from this week, but this weekend I feel like i need to get my head on straight again.
  • Yesterday was a good day. I did a bit of walking in the morning, then went to the gym with my friends. The gym has become an outing now where we plan to go every few days.

    I did HIIT on the elliptical, and then some strength training, focusing on my arms and chest. And I was able to hold my plank longer! I'm up to 41 seconds from 35. So almost halfway to my goal.

    Food was okay. I had a couple cookies and some Nutella frozen yogurt last night. It is supposed to be low fat, but I topped it off with m&ms, peanut butter cups and reeses pieces.

    Also want to AW a bit.. i went shopping for some new pants last night as its been a while since I shopped... and I went down a size! I noticed the pants i have been wearing were feeling loose, so decided to try size 14 while shopping. They fit and even felt a little loose in the waist but not enough to go down to 12. But it made me happy that i'm starting to feel and show results.
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  • bwils35bwils35 member
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    @Kwith - it was amazing! Good luck with the interview :)
    @Clovester - Froyo is amazing. Totally counts as yogurt.. haha
    @Swimmy - Congrats that is the most amazing feeling ever!
  • @kwitherington - good luck on the interview!!

    I'm glad everyone is anticipating Friday as much as I am! Yesterday was a good day; 90 minutes of frisbee and I stayed around the calorie mark I wanted to hit. Today will be practice again, so as long as I can stop myself from snacking I'm hoping today will be good as well.
  • know you'll kick butt @kwitherington! go get em!

  • Good luck @kwitherington !!

    Today has been okay for food - I haven't over eaten but I also haven't made the most solid food choices, either. It was a needed rest day from exercise as well, and I was productive and got some gift shopping done for all of the showers that I'm attending next month!

    I did day 1 of week 2 of Ripped in 30 last night... That was sure a step up. However, I don't feel like I got as much out of it (I'll have to wear my HRM next time) because I was struggling to get the moves right, and not really performing them in a way to maximize the burn. *Sigh*

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