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Planning a Surf City wedding from OH

I have no idea if Surf City is considered "outer banks".... but are there any brides getting married in the same area this year? We are planning the wedding from OH and it's hard considering we really don't have an idea of what vendors are good. We did hire a photographer from Wilmington and I have been in contact with Surf City Florists; however, the one bakery I have been in contact with has poor communication skills and no website yet :( They have great reviews online but it makes me nervous. Also, since it's a small wedding, we are just going to a local restaurant to celebrate (we will have a normal reception here in OH at a later date)


Re: Planning a Surf City wedding from OH

  • Sorry, Surf City is not part of the Outer Banks, so I doubt we'll be of much help to you. You might be better off just posting on the general North Carolina board.
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    Hello and Welcome! Are there any other bakers in Surf City to choose from? I would ask your photographer if they know of anyone from the area. You may also get lucky by calling bakers that serve the Southern beaches such as Hatteras and Ocracoke, and see if they know anyone. Hope this helps!


  • OK thanks ladies :)
  • We live in Columbus, OH and are getting married in Kill Devil Hills, NC, so I cans relate to the challenged you're having.  Good luck!
  • Challenges, oops!
  • I am actually getting married next may in surf city at the welcome center!  I would recommend looking for a bakery in Wilmington and having it delivered to surf city, its not too far of a drive and would be better since the one in surf city has bad communication.  I am having my work do my cake since I work in a bakery so I was lucky there.  I know you live out of state, but I would recommend taking a weekend and going down there to see what vendors are there since a lot of them do not have websites.  good luck in the planning!

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