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I need to gain control again.........

I have always been right around 120 for most of my adult life, which I always wanted to lose more but was ok with that.  I am now 154lbs. and desperate to lose now.  I went from up and moving all the time, to sitting behind a desk all day.  When I am not working, I have my kids so going to gym isn't really feasible.  Due to my new job, I also have less money, so it is difficult to eat the food I used too because of cost.

I am ready to take back my body.  Bye bye back chub and tummy rolls.  I need advise.  I would like to do a cleanse then take a diet pill just to help kick start me with energy and appetite suppression.  I have never been an eater because of boredom but I am now. 

Please ladies, help me out cause I need to lose this weight pronto!

Re: I need to gain control again.........

  • Diet pill and cleanse = no no no no no no no.


    If you want to make the sincere change, you need to face yourself and say no more excuses.  Lots of us here are on a budget, and there are plenty of inexpensive family options thanks to slow cookers and easy things like tunafish.  Everyone here is always happy to share their recipes.

    And many of us here don't belong to a gym, either.  There are short, effective online videos thanks to youtube that you could do before the kids are awake or after they are asleep (depending on age) and simple lifestyle changes like parking further away from your office, or starting walking over lunch.

    You can totally do this, just commit yourself to being the best version of you that you can!

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    What are some good workout videos that people have used?
  • I agree with @Lobsters25. You won't find support for pills and cleanses here - between us we have had collective experiences with these things and can tell you first hand that they don't work.

    Start tracking your calories on a site like My Fitness Pal or Spark people. A lot of us use MFP. Tracking will allow you to pinpoint your weaknesses, and you can develop a plan from there.

    I don't have access to a gym. I do dvds, I just bought a set of resistance bands online and am developing a workout for them (thanks to Pinterest and some weight training websites). I've used workouts from YouTube as well, and I try to walk or bike to work when the weather cooperates.

    and right now I've been in a plateau for close to a year, but I keep checking in here, and plugging away at it, because this place is so wonderful and supportive. I would've quit ten times over, had it not been for the regulars on here, being supportive when I need it, answering questions, and sometimes just letting me vent.

    This is a lifestyle change. It requires doing research, finding an activity that you like to do, and planning it into your day. It requires taking the time to plan meals - they don't have to be expensive to be nutritious. Play with your kids - they're some of the best workout 'equipment' ever! If you build little changes into everyday life it will become a habit. Don't think you have to do it all at once.

    And we're here. We listen. We support. But we don't support quick fixes, because they don't work.

    Good luck, and stick around!
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    a few of us are currently doing 30ds - it's less than 8 bucks these days and the workouts, including warmup and cooldown are less than about 25 min (the core workout is 18 minutes.)

    for free ones- is a favorite, and super intense.  I'm sure the other ladies will chime in with what they're using.

    Additionally, have you ever looked into a site like MyFitnessPal?  It will really help you see what you're eating, in terms of calories and nutrients, and help you easily see where you can make simple changes.

     edit: @jennylee813, I must have been typing while you posted the MFP advice! Sorry for the repeated info! :)

  • lol - clearly we support the same things... It's all good @Lobsters25!

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    Thanks so much girls.  I will definitely look into the my fitness pal tonight.  My favorite activity is hiking, and I have been known to go sun up to dusk with my BF and dog if we have no kids. 

    My weakness is anything that is mentioned on here to not eat in order to lose belly weight.  Pasta, chips, and all things white. I think my bf does have a small part to play in my weight gain.  He cooks all the time, and makes me eat.  I used to skip breakfast and lunch and just eat dinner.  Water and coffee all day long.  He and I both realize its time to lose weight. 
  • Hiking is great exercise!  One of our regs is off doing a ton of it in WA right now.


    What about simple switches to things like whole wheat or veggie pasta and breads?  That's a great small modification.  Chips, sadly, have not much good to offer, but if you can portion them, then there is no reason to cut them out entirely.  Good for bf for making you eat breakfast!  It is such a great way to get your metabolism going in the morning.

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    I have started drinking carnation instant breakfast, or a protein bar.  Im not hungry, so its not much, but something is better than nothing.  I am looking at the my fitness pal now.  I think that will be good for me to own up to all the crap I am eating.
  • Protein bar is a good start if you aren't hungry in the morning - provided it's got a decent amount of protein. The 'protein granola bars' by Special K, for instance, aren't doing anyone much good.

    Tons of us are on MFP, feel free to add us and/or share with us if you would like some support there, as well!

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    Thank you.  And the protein bars I eat have roughly 30gm.  I also like clif bars of all different varieties.  Currently I like the clif mojo sweet and salty.  Oh so yummy.
  • noooooooooooo! Don't do a cleanse or pills. That's a serious waste of money.

     Lobsters gave awesome tips. I use dvds usually to do yoga and run. We're supposedly getting a weight exercise piece or something soon, so once we do I'll start doing weights as well. For dvds I use Ashley Turner's "Yoga for Weight Loss." It's vinyasa yoga and she is an excellent instructor. I think it was $10 off of amazon. It's 45 minutes so easy to do when the kids are in bed. If you don't have access to a treadmill, start jogging outside. I do a jogging/walking combination, and you really feel your muscles working!

    As for food, I have a weakness for chips too. So I only buy them every once in awhile (and make sure to get the low sodium ones) and put some in a bowl so I can control my portions. For pasta (another weakness of mine), change to whole wheat. I've found that I don't eat as much and it fills me up longer when it's whole wheat pasta. Skip the creamy sauces unless it's the low-fat kind. Now that summer's coming up, you can make some awesome sauce with fresh, chopped tomatoes and basil.
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    Edit: double post.
  • I use a bunch of videos as well. I would recommend any of the following:  30 day shred, Jillian Michael's kickboxing or her Burn fat Boost Metabolism, any of the Bob Harper videos (but save these for later, they are to me anyway some of the hardest videos I own), and from the Biggest Loser set- Last Chance Workout, Boot Camp, and Weight Loss Yoga.  That should hopefully be enough to get started :)
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    MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

  • TD2014TD2014 member
    Thank you everyone for your help.  I just need some encouragement and motivation to get started, once I get going I will be ok.

    I took the gym teachers exercise ball to use for a chair so I can do a little bit of exercise throughout the day in between my students (I am a school nurse).  Something is better than nothing right?!
  • @TD2014 Doing something is always better than nothing. You got this!
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