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Catholic Weddings

Open back dress in the church?

We recently changed our wedding plans and we are now getting married in the catholic church. I have already purchased my gown and it has an open back, do you guys think that will be an issue?

Re: Open back dress in the church?

  • It might be - completely depends on how strict your church is.  I think there's also a big difference depending on how covered the front is, whether you'll be wearing a veil to soften the amount of skin showing, that kind of thing.  If you're worried about it, I'd say bring a picture and show it to your church's marriage coordinator, or the priest you meet with, and see if they have any concerns.
  • Thanks, the veil is a good point I didn't think of that. The picture is also a good idea--thanks!
  • ditto what erin said.

    modesty is key.  even if the priest says its ok, id still probably wear a veil to be more covered.

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    Here is the dress the front does not drip that far on me. I think the veil should cover the back....


    Dress Detail Thumbnail 0


    Dress Detail Thumbnail 2

  • That's such a pretty dress!  I think between it covering your shoulders, and you having a veil over the actual open keyhole in the back, I wouldn't think there would be an issue.
  • i I love your dress -- very pretty!  I agree with Erin that the covered shoulders make a big difference.  And while it's open in the back, it's not plunging like some dresses are in the back. My personal opinion is that it's fine, but definitely check with the church since they might have rules. 


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  • Probably fine.  Especially with a veil.  That silhouette is similar to my bridesmaids' dresses.

  • Thanks everyone!
  • It really does depend on the church and priest. The priest that married us was very conservative and strict, but my dress was strapless and open back. But it was classy and not too revealing.
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  • It should be fine (absolutely gorgeous dress, btw.)  I ditto other posters and suggest mentioning it to your priest.  If nothing else, I'm sure he would appreciate your concern for being dress appropriately for the ceremony. 
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    Gorgeous dress. I am admittedly a bit judgity about wedding attire in houses of worship. I wouldn't even think twice in my judgity head about your dress. It's super classy.
  • I was finally able to view the picture - the back isn't a problem, but the front is pretty low cut.  the veil will cover your back, but you may want to consider having some sort of modesty panel sewn in the front to cover yoru cleavage.
  • Yeah, It just depends upon who is wearing it.  If I wore that dress, my boobs would make it pretty scandalous.  Some women could probably wear it just fine.  It's funny how different body sizes/shapes can make the same outfit modest or slutty.

  • Agree with monkey. OP said the dress that low on her, so it might be fine on her.


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