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CV Thursday

Can't believe no one has started it yet, but then again June is fast approaching and I'm sure everyone is busy!


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Re: CV Thursday

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    Confession: I am insanely nervous to meet my FI's extended family. I almost panic everytime I think about it. His grandma's flight lands tomorrow at noon, so here goes nothing!

    Vent: I don't know anything about the catering (because FFIL was so gracious that he booked and paid for the caterer). I don't even know if servers/bussers are needed. This is making things difficult with the venue because we potentially have to fork over more $$.
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    Confession: I am spending our extra money like a Rockefeller right now. We were on such a strict budget with saving per month/spending on vendors. Now, we have extra money. The wedding is 9 days away so damn it, I will get that limo for an extra $100!

    Vent: I am sick. I have the stomach bug and I may or may not be dying (not really). Blahhhhh.

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    Confession: even though I'm happy my mom and grandma are going to be flying up to Alaska next Wednesday (2.5 weeks before the wedding) I'm really nervous about having them here so long. With all the stress leading up to the day I don't need any added drama! Vent: although I have been pretty low key about the whole wedding as it is now 23 days away I'm getting stressed because there are so many little details that need to be hashed out...such as seating...which I am freaked out about because I invited ppl on my dad's side of the family and my moms family and my dad's don't get along.
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