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Hi newish here!

Hi everyone! Just got engaged April 8th and last weekend we moved up our wedding date from February 28th 2014 to October 5th 2013, thanks to a very generous offer from my cousin to have our wedding at her property/horse farm. And since we live in Michigan October is about the latest you can have an outdoor wedding safely lol!

Screen Name: FearlessBrideMI
Age: 34
Significant Other's Age: 36
What You Do: accounting
What SO Does: restaurant
State of Relationship: engaged
How Long You've Been Together: 3.5yrs
How You Met: at his restaurant
Wedding Date (if you're engaged/married): 10/5
Real Babies: 0
Fur Babies: 2 cats
Loves: sweets, running (working on loving it)
Hates: running lol
Pet Peeves: a few
Hobbies/Activities: learning to run, baking
Favorite Thing About Your SO: he makes me laugh
Least Favorite Thing About Your SO: he can seem like a "kid" sometimes
Describe Your Personality: straightforward sarcastic honest
Snark Level (1 [low snark] - 10 [high snark]): 7-8
I've Been On TK Since: April 8th when we got engaged
How You Came to Be On TK: used to visit when my friends were all gettin married a million years ago
How I like my potatoes: anyway!
Favorite book/author: too many!
Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I've taken several baking classes and have to talk myself out of bakin my own wedding cake almost daily.

Re: Hi newish here!

  • Welcome! First of all: you simply cannot tell us you have furbabies and not share pictures of the babies.

    Also, how's the planning going?
  • Welcome! That is quite the date jump - but excting! It's cool to h ave a local that means something!

    And yes - share your furbabies!

    Here's my Goober :-)



    image 209 Invited
    image 151 Yes
    image 46 No

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  • (sorry they're so huge - I don't know how to resize without distorting the pics!)
    image 209 Invited
    image 151 Yes
    image 46 No

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  • Lol sorry lets see if I can figure this out from my phone
  • Orange cat is our 9yr old that fi owned prior to me, named monster. Grey cat is Matilda she will be 3 in July we adopted her 2 months after we bought our house.
  • In all honesty there has been very little done in the executing the plan area. We have a general idea but we haven't pulled the trigger on one thing yet. Meeting with photog next week and talking with a caterer tomorrow and dress shopping on june 1st. We were just going to have a dessert reception and today my aunt & cousins have offered to pay for a lunch as our wedding gift, my FI is very against taking this gift so we'll see. I want to see what the caterer can do with our food budget before I let my family give this gift.

    I'm excited about getting married this fall but totally stressed already about all of it. Trying to stay calm.
  • We're from Rochester and getting married in Oxford. We're hoping by doing it Oct 5th that maybe we'll have ok weather. Everything is 100% outside for us.
    [Deleted User]
  • Why the big date jump?

    PS Your babies are adorable. :)
  • We ended up moving up the date because my cousin has offered to let us have our wedding at her horse farm/house and it will be outside. We live in Michigan so after mid October you're really pushing your luck with an outdoor event. We're getting tents and reserving heaters just in case. The only other option was pushing it back from February to may/June 2014 and we didn't want to wait that long to get married so October it is!
  • Welcome! 

    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • Welcome!  Good luck with your planning!!!
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