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Friday Accountability

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B: Egg white western omelette with cheddar and toast (414)
S: Apple (72)
L: Leftover chicken fajita and guac (350)
D: ST Crock Pot Picadillo over brown rice with salad (371)

Total: 1207

E: JM's 6W6P (-298)

Re: Friday Accountability

  • B- Apple and Granola
    S- Fruit Snacks
    L- Turkey Sub
    S- Goldfish
    D- I don't know yet...probably just appetizers later with FI and friends

    E- 4 mile run
  • B: 1/2 breakfast sandwich
    S: 1/2 breakfast sandwich
    L: no idea
    S: no idea
    D: no idea (somewhere in Gettysburg, though!)

    E: 30 min run

    T: who knows. I haven't done a great job the last couple days of planning my meals. I plan to do lots of running this weekend. And we're going to Gettysburg tonight, so I'll do lots of walking tomorrow, too.
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  • rdr - how did 6W6P go last night?  I did JM yoga meltdown L2 last night.  it was a lot more challenging than L1, although I'm sure I thought L1 was super-hard when I first started.  there was a lot of legs in L2 and a lot of flexibility and balancing.  I have a ways to go!

    B:  2 pc. bacon, egg + egg white, oat bran toast with preserves
    S:  cantaloupe
    L:  grilled b/s chicken thigh, grilled corn, CL lemony snap peas; small peach
    S:  fresh cherries!!
    D:  I'm not sure...  we're going out somewhere tonight.

    E:  not sure:  our house is having preventative done for termites after work today, so depending on what time I get home and what time the termite guy gets there, I may not have time to do anything.  also, my workout/tennis shoes were ruined when I was having to walk through debris and sewage and mud after the tornado, so I can only do yoga until I get new shoes (hopefully this weekend, but we'll see how much "fun money" we have available.)  :(
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    @CocoBellaF -- I had to skip it last night. I did some stretching but my muscles were so sore from my workout on Wednesday that I thought it was best to not push myself again so soon. I'm feeling OK today so I plan to get back to it after work!

  • B - coffee & cream
    L - salmon & asparagus
    S - apple & pistachios
    D - cauliflower fried "rice"

    E: rest day
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  • I had a bad day eating all the things....
    B- yogurt
    L- sweet potato and kale hash
    s- apple
    D- eggplant asparagus and probably rice

    S- lots of sangria and hopefully some chocolate

    E- none unless painting counts


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