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    @desertsun -- That is too cute! I don't blame you for not being upset, I probably would have cracked up and thought "well I know where he gets that from!" The cake face is soooo adorable!

    I think you look awesome now so bring on another DesertBaby!

  • @thelamarrs - I understand how you feel about being lazy! I'm looking for a part-time job to eat up some time over the summer but not having any luck (which is super frustrating!) I've been obsessing over my lesson plans for the fall to give myself something productive to do! I've also been typing up all of my notes from classes I've taken because I'm so bored but don't want to feel like a lazy blob!

    The amount of time I have though has been encouraging me to work out. I've been going on nightly walk/runs which has been really nice in terms of giving me something to do!

  • @bethsmiles My job is short on payroll so I work maybe twice a week. I feel like such a slacked since BF works two jobs. Lazy blob explains exactly how I've been feeling.. haha. 

    What grades do you teach?

    I should probably start doing that. I honestly think about going for a run every day. But it never actually happens!
  • thelamarrs, he has the most irresistible grin, seriously. On the one hand, ADORBS. <3 On the other, I worry about him getting away with absolute murder as he gets older...

    @rdr716, Thank you so much! I'm pretty happy, but just think I could be a bit more fit. I was so out of shape and overweight with my first baby, and I think it really made things harder for me than they had to be. And thank you re: cake face. I will take more pics if we let him have another cupcake over the weekend. :) 
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  • @desertsun haha! also, happy belated birthday to the little guy. Did he have fun at the party? Aside from the delicious cupcakes that is. 
  • @thelamarrs - I felt the same way about running at first but after forcing myself to do it for 3 or 4 nights in a row, even on the days I don't want to do it I've ended up getting out for a least a short run.

    Finding someone to work-out with can be a really good motivator too or trying a class at the gym.

    Oh and I teach basic public speaking at the University I'm getting my grad degree at.

  • @thelamarrs, Thank you! He did have a great time at the party, though I'm not sure his feet touched the ground at all until it was time to open presents. (He got passed from person to person and ate up all the love & attention.) 
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  • @LivLeighton  Oh my goodness! He's so adorable!  I just want to snuggle with him!
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