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It's Friday, and I feel like a bad ass!!!!

Morning ladies. 

My co-workers brought not only delicious smelling kolaches, but also delicious looking and EXTREMELY tempting donuts to work. I turned down both, and had a handful of almonds instead. I was even offered chocolate milk. I feel like I deserve an award or something. Being that I'm usually the first one to jump at such an opportunity!

Anyone else have awesome will power today? Let's hear it for us!
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Re: It's Friday, and I feel like a bad ass!!!!

  • You do deserve an award!  Incredible willpower, lady!

  • Way to go! Keep up the great work :)
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    Great will power!

    There are cookies in our kitchen and I see them on my way to and from the bathroom. It'd be easy for me to say "Eff it, I'm going to drink and eat all weekend for my bachelorette party" but I'm not going to give in. Nope. 
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