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Hi. can someone help with Hawaii honeymoon recommendation.

we are flying from east coast and can only spent 7-8 days.  
We are planning to go to Honolulu for 3 nights and Maui for 4.is 2 islands too much for that period of time?  
If choosing 1 island, is Maui the best choice?

we like a little bit of everything: the beach and some tours/activities.

Re: Hawaii

  • I think you should go with your first choice. You get to visit 2 people places. I don't think its too much. Enjoy it!!
  • We did Oahu and Maui in 7 days and it was too much, mostly because we wasted almost 2 whole days travelling between the islands.  Not to mention, coming from the East coast, you'll already have a much longer flight, so it would be a lot.

    I think Oahu is nice to visit for a few days, but if you choose only one island, I'd probably go with Maui.  We only got to spend one full day on Maui (we're planning to do a full week there on our next trip), but I've since been to all the other islands and much prefer the slower island life to Oahu, which is extremely busy.
  • I agree with jemm. Aim for Maui. I'm actually heading to Kauai tomorrow (yippee!) for 7 nights, but it's a bit more laid back than Maui, so if you want a lot of different things to check out, Maui is the better choice. Oahu has a TON of things, but IMHO, is too crowded. The North Shore of Oahu is not that crowded, but most of the resorts are in the Waikiki area, making the trek to the North Shore a bit arduous.


  • Thanks Ladies.  This helps a lot!  
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