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Friday! Checks?!

Any big checks for anyone this week? What are you doing this weekend?

We ordered our wedding cake/cupcakes. Also I said before I did my first dress fitting and ordered my shoes for that day. This weekend we will probably spend time getting last minute invitations out.

Re: Friday! Checks?!

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    A big check for us was mailing our invitations!

    This weekend I am re-ordering the men's tuxes :)

    Oh we're also meeting with our pastor - a first time for me but he coaches football with FI.

    Non-wedding related, we're going to see the Great Gatsby tomorrow (can't wait!) and running some car-related errands. Then BBQ at my grandma's house Monday. I cannot wait for this three-day weekend to get started!


  • Nothing! FI graduates from grad school tomorrow! so thats what were doing..

    im going o have to to get him to sit down and pick stuff out before our HUGE appt. next saturday. we need to know EVERY. STINKIN. DETAIL. and we... dont. at all. il start freaking out and hyperventilating if nothings done by monday. 
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    Drg, I'm jealous - I really want to see Gatsby.

    Our biggest check is that the invitations went out last weekend, and we've already received a bunch of RSVP's. All yes so far!

    We also met with our pastor Sunday after church for our first session. It was pretty simple - just sharing our backgrounds and how we came to meet.

    Since we will be out of town this weekend for Memorial Day, we won't be getting much done on the checklist. We do have an appointment next Saturday to look at wedding bands, and I'm really excited to pick those out.
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  • This week, we finalized the cupcake order, picked up our wedding bands, ordered our e-pics/guest book, got one of the GM's suits shipped off to him, and worked on the questionnaire for the officiant. I still need to do music and flower stuff over the next week. 
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    Life is good today.
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