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Finding Bird Cages for Centerpieces

Hello brides, I am looking into decorating vintage style bird cages as my centerpieces, to be filled with flowers. The issue I face is figuring out where to either rent or purchase such cages in large quantities and at warehouse/manufacturer prices in the NYC or Long Island area. Does anyone know if there is a place? I've checked Michael's but I'm sure the cages are marked way up for profit. Thanks!

Re: Finding Bird Cages for Centerpieces

  • look at Jamali Garden Supplies on 28th st (between 7th and 6th)
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    Thanks for the tip! I'm looking at the site right now, their prices seem doable and they have cute decor too!
  • I don't know what size bird cages you need, but Michael's is actually having a 50% off sale on them this week. I saw them in their weekly ad online yesterday. Just Google Michael's weekly ad if you don't get a paper with the printed ad. No idea how the sale price would compare to the store mentioned above, but worth comparing to check.
  • You could also register at  lots of these are being sold used and slightly used.
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    thanks alot for the suggestions! I frequent the wedding bee forums and didn't even think about searching their "for sale" section. 
  • I've seen a few at TJ Maxx and Marshall's in their home/garden sections also - really cheap.
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