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Party Weekend - Rehearsal Dinner?

Our wedding is on a Sunday afternoon in August.  Since my mom and sister and other family will be coming from out of state, we decided to hold DD's graduation party the Friday night before the wedding - that way family can be at both events without having to travel twice.

My question is about the Saturday between the parties.  I assume FI and I will be busy with last-minute wedding stuff but I also feel like we should host a dinner for all of the out of town people who are in for both events.  I don't think we need to do a wedding rehearsal - it's a second wedding for both of us - but I don't want all of our guests to feel like they have to entertain themselves on Saturday night?  And do we invite everyone - local family who will want to spend time with OOT family - etc? 

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Re: Party Weekend - Rehearsal Dinner?

  • I definitely don't think you need to host anything, but it would be appreciated by your family if you want to! I would keep it super low-key, like a BBQ or pizza party, and have it wrap up early, especially if its at your house. I'd make the invites informal or word of mouth. It's possible too that some of the out of towners might want that night to see other friends in the area.
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