Moving to the Atlanta area

There is a very good chance we will be moving to the Atlanta area next May after I graduate. I have never been to Georgia.. Other than stopping over at the Atlanta airport! We have family that is in Alpharetta and then my inlaws are in Pensacola which is not too far.

We will most likely be looking for houses in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area.

We were going to do a big trip in September to celebrate our first Anniversary as well as my 30th Birthday. But now it looks like we are going to Atlanta to look at houses, as well as have some fun. It will be cheaper than going to somewhere outside the states. Plus we can get an idea about houses.

Anyone live in the area or visit a lot that can give me so e good suggestions on what to visit, where to eat, where to stay? 

We definitely want to go to the big six flags they have there and Paul also mentioned they have a nice aquarium.

Re: Moving to the Atlanta area

  • The Botanical Garden is beautiful!  We love it.  Try to go to the aquarium at a less busy time.  It's awesome when it's not too busy.  

    I enjoy the zoo as well.  You could go to the laser show at Stone Mountain one night.  It's an interesting experience.  

    In Decatur there are tons of good restaurants, but you may not want to drive that far from Sandy Springs.  Maybe go to Canoe.  I think that's not terribly far from where you'll be.  
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