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I have undeserved flags on my account. What do I do?

I have two flags that I believe to be bogus. (two on the same post). I think they just don't like my opinion of the subject. I didn't call anyone any names, spam, cuss, advertise, attack anyone, or violate the TOS in any way. But they're still there.  Why do I have to take the blame for that?  The fact that they remain tells me that you think I did something wrong. So, tell me what I did wrong.  My post was in response to another post, verbatim, "This has got to be a joke."  That's it. All I said. And my flags remain. So, please explain to me how I violated the TOS by posting that.  And, every time something like this happens, do I have to call it to someone's attention to get them removed? 
NYCMercedes[Deleted User]peekaboo2011shaylagirl

Re: I have undeserved flags on my account. What do I do?

  • good luck dear. some of the regs are trying to get answers to similar issues.
  • I was kinda a reg up until last year when I ended my engagement, and I came back because I missed this place.  Total WTF moment to come back after the exodus and just in time for all the changes.  But it brought out my stubbornness.  I'm tough enough to survive my former fiancé, so I'm tough enough to survive this. I can't stand people who's walk doesn't match their talk.
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  • And I think one of our other questions was whether or not a KG would be around on the weekends or holidays in case we needed anything.  Apparently we have our answer to that question...
    [Deleted User]
  • I only have 4, but I would also like to know when TK gods plan to resolve abusive flags.
  • I haven't been flagged yet, which shocks the ever-loving hell out of me, given how much I've shot down "but it's MY DAY" posts from starry-eyed newbs who clearly want to be validated.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • Hi @RebeccaB88, we are still trying to get an answer on if we are able to reset the number of flags on everyone's accounts. We will share the information when it is final.
  • @KnotPorscha, so, what you're saying is that, our accounts can be flagged for completely inappropriate and asinine reasons, and no one can do anything about it, correct? 

    Please, either explain what I said in the flagged posts that violated the TOS, or...

    Take. The. Damn. Flag. Buttons. Away.

  • @KnotPorscha,  @KnotJackie,  @KnotIrene,  I wasn't asking to remove the flags.  You've made it pretty  clear you aren't going to do that for anyone, deserved or not.  I asked what I said in my flagged posts that violated the TOS.  I still don't have that answer. Please. 
  • All flags come to our team and are reviewed. The abuse points that you received really don't matter - it is more for us to help in reviewing any issues with users. However, we are looking into erasing the abuse points.
  • @KnotPorscha, your response still didn't answer my question. 
  • @RebeccaB88 The abuse points you received for being flagged were removed yesterday, like Stage has mentioned above. That post was wrongly flagged and is no longer counted against your account. Please let me know if there is anything else we may help with.
  • Yeah, I came back to say forget it, but the answer was already here.  However, it's just representative of all the other questions we've asked that have gone unanswered or only partially answered.  Why not just answer and move on?  This question wasn't important, but others have been. 
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