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Would/Wouldn't Do

Happy weekend, ladies. I wanted to share my "would and wouldn't do" thoughts with you...

There's not much in this category... I wouldn't stress so much. I like to plan things, my husband does not, so I felt that there was little "in place" as the day approached but our coordinator rocked!

I absolutely WOULD have a DW again. We regret nothing. :-) I also would avoid checking the weather (I succeeded at this - hubby did not so he was worried haha). I would make sure I eat more during the day of the wedding. Though I thought I ate and drank enough water, I hadn't. By dinner time and after one drink I felt really sick. I would make sure that my hubby and I had more time to ourselves. We didn't get a real honeymoon but we still had an amazing trip.

As soon as I have the photo from my SIL, I'll share us with the KK, but here's a couple other pics from the day :-)
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