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    KD+AR said:

    I actually live in NH so MA is that far from me at all... m
    You should also check out Botticelli Bridal in Providence, RI.  They only sell Plus Sizes and they specialize in Plus Size Bridals.  They get excellent reviews.  The woman who owns and runs the store is very knowledgeable and could certainly tell you which lines she carries that would be in your size range.  I found my dress at Davids, but this place was next on my list.  It gets excellent reviews. 
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  • kcrockett23:  I'm driving up from Florida for an appointment at Curvy Girls next Friday.  I am excited.  Also have an appointment at Cherry Blossom Bridal.
  • Has anyone had luck with lightinthebox? Or DHGATE?
  • kd ar do not use them its a chineese knock off website you will not get any gowns as prommised what you will get is an unfinished gown that looks like crap made of poor materials. Do you want a gown with say nice beading lacy maybe taffeta? you will get a very ugly looking lace on your dress your crystal beeds will be of the plastic kind that you can get in huge bags at the craft store for under 5.00 bucks. Your dress will arrive with pins in it, hem is all wrong, and the worst part the dress is way to small and no way to even take it out or its way to big and it cannot be altered any smaller. You take to a seamstress for a quote and apprasal of your dress , this 250 gown you paid for is now going to cost you close to 500 in alterations base price then the seamstress calls you i found more problems in order for this dress to survive your getting ready, pictures with mades, ceremony and reception its going to cost 300 more so you have spend 1000 in total for a china knock off when you can get a designer gown for under 1000 in the states in a brick and motor store.
  • Congrats on all your hard work to lose weight and have healthy eating habits!

    You deserve to celebrate your hard work in a dress you love.  Have you thought of looking at photos of dresses, even ones that aren't manufactured in your size, and making a folder of the ones you love?  Then pick a few top contenders, and take them to a custom tailor in your city and see if the tailor can help make one.  Or, there are a lot of bridal knock off sites on ebay and online.  They will custom make copies of expensive designer dresses according to your measurements.  The only one I can vouch for is a seller on eBay named Jennifer Wu.  In the pageant world, she has a good reputation for being able to make a copy of any dress.  Her email responses are fast and well written.

    Here's a link to her eBay store:
  • My dress was a size 24 from DB and I am a size 22. The dress is absolutely stunning. I had to get some alterations done and for the dress and alterations is was probably $800. I think my dress was around $600 and my alterations were less then $200. I had to get the lace on my back taken up and the bustle added. Each freaking button after so many was $7...those $7 buttons add up!!!!!

  • If you get a dress that has a corset back, it is a little more forgiving with a little extra weight. Plus it makes your curves look great :) I got mine from David's. My alteration appointment is in two weeks (two weeks before the wedding) so I'm not sure what alterations cost, but from what I understand, when you order a bridal gown from there, the dress is made with additional fabric so it can be taken in or out two sizes. Now I'm not sure if that's 100% accurate but that is what I've been told. You can pretty much find a dress anywhere for under $800, as long as you have the right mindset about what you want and will be willing to take. At AA, yes they have dresses for cheaper, but like others have posted, they are rather plain. My dress from David's was only $400, and it is plain, however I am fancying it up with a pretty sash :) Good luck with everything honey, I'm sure you will find EXACTLY what you want and you will look beautiful!!!
  • Thanks- 

    I go next weekend to David's bridal. In a last ditch effort I will see if they have one in my size or that has a corset back that can be altered a little. My biggest this is that I want straps too. I don't want fat armpit cleavage.
  • I went to Marry and Tux in Nashua NH last week.

    I got my dress! It doesn't fit yet, but its beautiful. Can't wait!
  • Thanks Shoebunnie. It doesn't fit yet but we are waiting on alterations until February and we will put a corset back in.
  • If you are worried about the cost of alterations too try finding someone local who isn't associated with a bridal shop - the alterations I got done would've cost $300-$400 at the bridal shop where I got my dress, but I found a local lady through word of mouth and it's only costing me $150 and she did an awesome job.
  • Hi! Wasn't sure if you found a dress yet but I have posted my dress for sale! It is a Mori Lee plus size dress never worn size 30 but I wear a 22-24 dress usually. Here is the post with pics: http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/999398/f-s-beautiful-plus-size-ivory-wedding-gown-never-worn-pip
  • I actually got my dress ordered a size smaller than my normal street size...very strange. And it fit. The sample was a size smaller than that and it was almost fitting as well. Maybe because my top half is so much smaller than my bottom half.

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  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    It totally depends on designer, too. I usually wear dresses in size 22-24, but my gown is a 20. (It's from David's Bridal.)
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  • This is my dress before any alterations.
  • InkdancerInkdancer The Shire member
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    Look at you! Absolutely gorgeous!
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  • Thank you!!
  • davids bridal- i bought mine for 400. I bought a 14W (i'm normally a 16) and it was big. I'm pretty sure you should be able to fit in some there. 
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