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Etiquette of something new, something old...

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Just wondering how this works..especially regarding something old and something borrowed?


I woulld love to incorporate something from my aunts on my wedding day because they are special to me (one is very sick and can't come to wedding when she originally had a formal role in my wedding, the other is deceased). I would love to maybe ask their daughters if they have anything I can use, but wasn't sure if that is poor etiquette? I would obviously return whatever heirloom they may be able to lend..but wasn't sure if it was rude of me to even ask//



How do brides go about sticking to this tradition? Do they ask themselves for stuff, or just hope people offer those various items?

Re: Etiquette of something new, something old...

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    It sounds fine to me. Especially your something borrowed - you have to borrow it from somewhere! Just tell their daughters how much your aunts mean to you and that you'd love to include a memento of them on your wedding day. If they seem unwilling or say they don't have anything like that, you have your answer.
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    I think it's fine to ask. I borrowed a pair of my favorite aunt's earrings. 
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    I'd ask the aunts directly if you're able / they'd be able to understand. Otherwise yes, it's perfectly fine to ask their daughters.
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