Flip flops for dancing?


I was wondering if anyone has put out flip flops for guests to put on while dancing.   If so, how many did you buy for how many guests?  I know not every guests will want a pair, and more women than men (if any men) will want them.  Will buying enough for 20% of the guests to have a pair be enough?  

My venue has a strict shoes-on policy and recommends that you put out a basket of flip flops.  

Re: Flip flops for dancing?

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    We did not put them out.  I figured all were adults and knew to wear appropriate footwear.  In addition, cheap flip flops are not comfortable.
  • Doing this is not popular on TK for PP's reasons, which are worth considering. That said (flame suit on) flip flop baskets are popular in my circle. I like them and think they are fun, and assuming your guests are well hosted otherwise I don't think it's hurting anybody. I am doing one, and got enough for about 40% of the women on my guest list. I've never seen one with men's flip flops. If we have leftovers, we will donate them to Good Will. We are lucky to have a pretty generous budget; if funds were tighter it is something I would skip.
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  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I agree with Joan. I wouldn't wear them. I really never see the point of this, honestly. When people go out to places where there will be dancing, they wear appropriate shoes if they intend to dance. I have never seen a nightclub, for example, with a basket of flip flops. If I'm going to a wedding and plan to dance (never happen b/c I don't dance), I will wear appropriate shoes. 

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  • We did a flip flop basket. We bought Old navy flip flops. They are still cheap, but better than dollar store flip flops.

    we had 130ish guests and had about 50 pairs of flip flops and had only a handful left over.  They were actually a huge hit

    with that said though, I wouldn't consider this a "favor".  Just an "extra"

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  • hutchslhutchsl member
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    If you want them for dancing, that is not practical. I cannot dance in flip flops. They do not allow you to spin. Not sure what the floor is there. Also, I have had my feet stepped on dancing before and broken my toe on several occassions. If you want flip flops for an outdoor beach wedding then ok.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Flip flops don't make good dancing shoes.  The only place they work is on the beach.
  • I really do disagree with the point that flip flops don't make good dancing shoes. I think it depends on how comfortable you are in flip flops and how you dance.  Personally, I am not good in flip flops, but I have seen dozens of brides dancing in their "bridal flip flops" and lots of guests dancing in them, and no one had a flip flop dancing injury.
  • I can agree with that, cmgilpin. Not everybody's cup of tea, but I personally am pretty comfortable in them. I know many of my friends live in flip flops as well.

    Retread, thank you for the donation idea!
  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    One for every woman, minus a few.
  • The flip flop basket seems like a good idea (I've seen it a lot on pinterest); however, I wouldn't think of these as "favors."  It would seem more like an extra.
  • i like the idea, def not for a favor
  • What about making a wedding day survival kit for your bridesmaids, MOB, MOG?  You could put flip flops, bandaid, bottled water, granola bar, single use packet of advil, sunscreen packet if it's outside, etc.  Your guests are choosing what shoes to wear.  Chances are, your bridesmaids aren't since you probably picked their shoes.  
  • I ended up putting out a basket.  The people who used them were happy to have them.  I put about 20 pairs in for a wedding party of 80.  About 12 were used.
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