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Had to stop by and show off the preview for the Traditional Cambodian Ceremony me and the FI had a few weeks ago.  It's been said before, but JChristopher (Now called Splendor) is awesome. Nuff said.


Re: Bragging

  • Y'all both looked great in the fb photos. Especially your fiancé, I loved her traditional outfit, very pretty! I'll watch the video now. So are you having an American ceremony later then? Or was that it?
  • Yep!  American ceremony coming in December.  This one was more for family, so our parents did most of the planning. 
  • Beautiful video! I was wondering if you guys rented the wedding outfits or buy them? If you did buy them, do you mind telling me if they were expensive to buy here in Texas and who did you buy them from? Thank you!
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