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Yay! I have bridesmaids!

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Just wanted to share my excitement with  those of  you who read and responded to my pp awhile back..

Turns out I needn't have been so worried about approaching these girls to be my bridesmaids.  I asked one girl over cocktails tonight and she was totally thrilled! When I told her that I felt awkward about it, she gave me the whole "you're crazy...of course we're buds" look, and then proceeded to tell me how much she would love to be there to support me on our wedding day.  She also then encouraged me to call our other friend right then and there and ask her.  So I did and she also gave me an enthusiastic yes. Then she came out to meet us and they immediately started talking bachelorette party and dresses haha.  They also insisted that they would have a bottle of whiskey on hand for pre-wedding nerve shots, and I promised not to pull any bridezilla BS on them.  I'm really happy and I definitely feel like I made the right decision by asking them.  I am also going to meet up with FBIL's GF tomorrow and will ask her.  She's taking me to see the house they just bought together and I think it will be a good  time to ask her. I'm excited they got a place of their own, hopefully they'll be announcing their own engagement soon too.  I find I'm looking forward more to all the wedding planning I still have left to do now that I know I've got friends that will be there for me on the day (I know I'll have jitters...not about marrying FI, but standing in front of people being the center of attention totally freaks me out).

Thanks again for all the input you ladies gave me!
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Re: Yay! I have bridesmaids!

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    Glad it worked out!
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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