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Sunday accountability

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Morning all!  Hope you guys are back safe and sound, xcaly!

Food didn't end up as well as planned yesterday because I started eating a few too many ingredients while I was finishing up the ice cream cake.  However, I only ended up about 100 calories over and did push myself to do kenpo, so it's just the amount of sugar intake that leaves me annoyed over my unplanned snacking.

I did my LAST day of 30ds this morning but I am super cranky about it bc H wasn't paying attention when I asked him to bring in the fan so I had to stop my workout and take care of it.  Legit, he stared at me when I said it, and then went back to reading the newspaper.  Seriously??? It makes me so freaking angry that my last run through it should have been flawless and instead I had to go rewind through 1/2 of a set to catch up.  Nevertheless, he is not on my good list this morning and now I feel, though I know it's ridiculous, like I failed at the workout.  Hoping to have time to also push through plyo, and make myself feel better in doing so, before my haircut, but it's going to be cutting it close.
We have a graduation bbq tonight for a family friend, so food will be good as long as I stay on plan.  I'm hoping to avoid all appetizers (especially the chips), skip the hamburger bun, and limit my portion of the ice cream cake.  It's going to be a tough goal, but I know I will be so happy with myself tomorrow if I can do it.  

After today, I have no clue what I'll do next for working out, and that's usually when I fall off track and stop going.  I haven't ordered NROL yet, and am not sure I'm up for p90x for a third time (maybe in the fall), so any other suggestions?

Have a great day everyone!

Re: Sunday accountability

  • Morning!

    Hope you're snuggling with your furbabies, xcaly!

    @Lobsters25, what about Ripped in 30? Or maybe a week of something completely different, like a week of just yoga and stretching while you look for a new routine?

    Yesterday I did get my kickboxing workout, ran my errands, went to the retirement dinner, and when we came home we had a really nice bonfire in the yard. The neighbourhood kids were playing spotlight, stopping by every so often to ask if we'd seen so-and-so, and FI and I talked about our plans for the summer and beyond. It was a really great way to end the evening.

    Food was not so good. I came in under, but my choices were bad. It was all a result of poor planning, and I know that. Today will be better, and I'm wondering if my weigh-in tomorrow will actually show the results my calculating on MFP shows it should...

    Today I have a cardio workout and a resistance band workout planned, bbq with friends (although it's snowing now, and supposed to continue through tomorrow, with accumulations close to 15-20 cm (not impressed, btw. It's supposed to be close to summer, even in the north), and maybe do some more reading. Most of my 'chores' are done.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, ladies!
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  • @kwith - the snow won't last, but it does make for a depressing, curl-up-on-the-couch kinda day ...

    I wish I could get FI to dance more, he sounds like your H. I want him to practice our first dance, but that's going to take some convincing. I'm not looking for a full out choreographed number, just being more comfortable on the dance floor together, kwim?

    We'll have two desserts at the wedding... Now I'm feeling inadequate ... 
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  • Morning ladies!

    Yesterday was my rest day again. But like I said, work felt like a workout lol.
    Food was a little over, because I ate caramels all day, and then fi ordered Pizza Hut for supper... sooo yeah.

    Today I work a brief shift then I'm hoping to do some zumba and Day 1 of the Ab challenge my FSIL invited me to join. It should be pretty easy as it's only day 1 but we'll see!
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  • @kwith - Sounds like a great splurge night! And I'm also jealous of your H dancing... FI will do silly little dances (the lawnmower, the grocery cart etc) or bounce around but it's rare to get him to seriously dance a nice dance.
    @jenny - the bonfire sounds like an amazing evening!
    @lobsters - sorry your last day of 30DS was frustrating! As for something to do next, personally I'd probably sit down and, instead of coming up with a workout plan, maybe think about big goals - what do you want to be able to accomplish by the end of the month, summer or year? Then that can help you to think about what the next step might be to accomplish that (i.e. I want to run a 25-min 5k, I want to be able to lift X amount). For me, I always do better with a big goal driving my plan.

    Yesterday I had a frisbee tournament (4 1.5 hr games)... food was WAY over because I came home starving and ate the world. FI brought home a chocolate bar to congratulate me which I ALSO proceeded to eat. I love that he's being encouraging but am going to ask him to do so not through junk food!

    Have a great Sunday!
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