Tall vs. Short Centerpieces

I recently met with a florist to get prices on different packages. I love the look of tall centerpieces but of course they are more expensive. One idea is to do half the tables with tall and half with short (we will have between 12-14 tables). I would love opinions on this...does it really matter after all? lol do you think it would look weird mixing them up? thanks in advance ladies ;-)

Re: Tall vs. Short Centerpieces

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    Every wedding I've been to that had tall center pieces alternated short & tall. I think it looks fine. Personally I like not having every centerpiece be the same anyway.
  • I agree with the prior poster. I like the variety of a tall and short centerpiece display. I think it makes the tall centerpieces more apparent because they are every other table instead of every one.

    I did short centerpieces of white roses in silver bowls. I did taller centerpieces with white Asiatic lillies, grass and baby's breath. These were not super tall, but the variety stood out more, if that makes sense.

    I think you can go with 2 different centerpieces, no problem.

  • I prefer a mixture of short and tall centerpieces.  Whenever I go to a wedding that has all tall centerpieces it reminds me of walking into a forest of tall trees.  Mixing up the heights helps to break up the monotony.

    I also think you could even break it up into 3 different centerpieces if you want.  Tall, short and then a few with 3 varying height vases with submerged flowers and floating candles.  Variation is a good thing.

  • The alternating heights will give the room more depth as well :-)
  • I like the idea of diff heights just try to rember the guest would like to see eachother and talk so try to be careful on the heght and not block the guest view. I went to one and had to keep leanning to see the person i was talking to
  • Thank you so much ladies for your replies! Tall and short it is :)
  • Differing heights is fine - just be sure that the tall ones are tall enough so people can be seated and still see around the room (and across the table!)  There's nothing worse than not being able to talk to Cousin Dave across the table, or not seeing the head table or reception activities cuz you can't see around the flowers. -_-
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