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Christian/non-denominational church

I am looking for a non-denominational church anywhere from Parma and west side. The farthest south being strongsville. Looking for a non-denominational church who would marry non members.

Thank you!

Re: Christian/non-denominational church

  • My fiancé and I searched around a lot after we got engaged; we really wanted to find a place that was filled with genuine, God loving people and not one of those places that turns people agains Christians.  We ended up finding two places we really liked: 

    -Grace Church in Middleburg Heights: its a huge church, I think one of the biggest in northeast Ohio, and all of the pastors are awesome.  We have been regular attenders since we decided to have our wedding there, and the pastor who will be marrying us is soooo nice and very encouraging... I've kind of fallen in love with this church.  The one negative I will say is that the actual church area is one of those stage set-ups that lots of big churches have; aka it isn't as pretty as those smaller or older little chapels you see.  I'm willing to deal with that though :)

    -Scranton Road Church in Cleveland: Very genuine place, very diverse.  There is a good college crowd and also some very needy people who reside in Cleveland, but they are God-loving people and I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe.  Location is a bit of a rough area, but as long as you are street smart you'll be fine, its not that bad.  Pretty stained glass windows; it would be a pretty church to get married in.  There are a few areas of the church that are in need of maintenance but its nothing that the photographer couldn't easily manage to not photograph.  Even though this isn't a pace we decided to stick with, I highly recommend considering them!

    Finding a church can be very difficult, hope you end up finding a place that you love.  Good luck!!
  • s2005s2005 member
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    Thank you! Someone told me about grace as well and I had looked them up. Ill probably go to a service there soon.

    Are they having you do marriage counseling or do you have to meet with the pastor privately? Just curious.

    Thanks again!!!
  • My Mom and stepdad got married at Old Oak Bible Church in middleburgh Heights.  It was gorgeous.
  • We're doing Franklin Circle Church in Ohio City. It's close to Cleveland, they welcome EVERYONE will do ANY ceremony including same sex. Gorgeous Tudor style church or a smaller modern chapel. Definitely recommend them! Pastor Allen rocks!
  • s2005s2005 member
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments
    I looked them up also. It seems too expense for us. $700 is too high :( pictures looked pretty too.
  • Grace Church gives you the choice to either meet with the pastor for one-on-one counseling (not sure how many times you'd have to meet but prob not too many) or you can take their pre-marital class with a big group of engaged couples.  I'll be starting up those soon.  The pastor who will be marrying us (Pastor Guenther - he does most of the marriages) seemed very flexible about the counseling part.  If you have questions, I recommend contacting Pastor Guenther, he is really friendly and I thought he was more helpful than the wedding coordinator.  His contact info is on the website.

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    Another to check out is Middleburg Hts Community Church. They are non-denom. No idea on cost though.
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  • Check out the wedding chapel in Olmsted Falls.
  • s2005s2005 member
    Second Anniversary 10 Comments
    I did look at the wedding chapel in olmsted falls. It can only hold 100 people and is $1000 just to rent :(
  • GabbyBarks -

    A lot of my friends have been recommending Grace. Are you able to tell me how much the fee would be?
  • As a member for a basic ceremony, no live music or anything (i'm putting together an mp3 playlist), its $500.  I think that its closer to $800 if you are not a member.  They also indicated to my fiance and I that they are leanient with the membership thing; and if you are a regular attender they will give the discounted rate. 

    I'm going throught their marriage prep classes right now, I actually highly recommend to anyone.  Its a small class of other engaged couples (seriously dating couples also welcome) seeking a Godly marriage.  Lots of good info and not the stereotypical lessons/advice we semi-expected to hear; and its great to get to know other Christian couples.  I think we are like one of 3 couples that are getting married there, the rest (i think there is a total of about 10 couples) are from other churches.

  • That's great! Thank you for the information!!!
  • jlunger said:
    My Mom and stepdad got married at Old Oak Bible Church in middleburgh Heights.  It was gorgeous.

    This is where we're getting married!! May 17.
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