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Brothers on the Bride's side?

My fiance wants my two younger brothers to be ushers at our wedding, but they're much more important to me than that and they deserve to be up there with us. We currently live out of state so my brothers haven't really gotten a chance to hang out with him and build that bond as often as I wish they could. Is there a way to have them both on my side of the alter instead of his where it doesn't look awkward or out of place? 

Re: Brothers on the Bride's side?

  • brothers are 24 and 19 and I'm very close with them. It's not that he doesn't want them to be groomsmen, it's just that he has a brother of his own and 2 best friends that need to be up there with him as well. I don't have that many girls that I would like on my side to match(5 if he had my brothers over there) as I was always closer with guys growing up. I'm very close with my brothers and it would mean more to me to have them up there by me. 
  • It's perfectly fine to have bridesmen!  If I'd had a wedding party, my brothers would have been mine.  If they are uncomfortable with the title "bridesman," you can always just call them attendants.
  • Your side should be people you are closest with. People in his side should be people HE'S closest with.
    Sides should not be chosen based on gender. Not in 2013. Have your brothers on your side. If anyone thinks it looks weird or awkward, then that's their own problem.
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    It won't look awkward or out of place for them to stand on your side. 

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  • My son (age 21) stood on my side, as did my daughters. Dh had male friends. It looked fine, not awkward at all.
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  • Ditto @brielleinlove. I'm having my brother stand on my side, but I'm just calling him an attendant. He wasn't super-keen on the title 'bridesman.' And my three girls were happy to be attendants, too, rather than 'bridesmaids.' No one will side-eye it. And if they do, that's on them, not on you.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
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