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Friend's wedding...

My fl's good friend of over 10 years is getting married next month. I know him well, however none of his friends has met his soon to be wife yet and they've been together for a little over a year.
But here's my conundrum.. we received the invite about 2 weeks ago with my fiance's name and me listed as "guest". I was somewhat put off by that considering we have been together for over 4 years ... they should know my frickin name! Then last night my fl gets a text from his friend asking for his (my fl's) moms address to send her an invite. I'm pretty darn sure it's because they got rsvps in and b-listed her.
That pissed me off seeing as he knows my FMIL well. To be quite honest I'm a little ticked with the whole situation and when I brought it up to fl he sugged it off and texted back the address!
Honestly... Do I have a right to be upset? Fl thinks I'm overreacting. I need insight. Should I say something? I've considered introducing myself as "guest" or not even going but I'm I reading too far into it?

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    I think you're being over dramatic.  The bride to be, not your fiancé's friend, probably did the invitations and didn't know your name.  Everyone on TK would've asked your fiancé but not all brides are going to go to those lengths to follow etiquette.


    Be happy you were included and meet the woman.  I really think you're overreacting.

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    I wouldn't be so put out by it - she has never met you, and she probably just doesn't know etiquette (heck, I didn't know all the rules when I sent out STDs, but I did by the time invites went out!). Chances are, she didn't even ask her FI to look over the guest list. Could be much worse - she could have ignored your existence entirely and just invited your FI.
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    You have every right to be upset and to see the situation for what it is. There most definitely was B listing going on and the invitations were tacky. Now, that you want to handle it will likely set the tone for your relationship with this couple going forward. I would simply smile and deal with it and realize that whomever is in charge of this wedding doesn't really have a clue. Roll your eyes, bite your tongue and when five years from now she is WAY out of line about something ridiculous, remember this time and consider the source,
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    I quite honestly didn't even think that maybe he wasn't involved in making the guest list! Thanks so much for your insight in this. That's exactly what I needed... Outsider advice. Thanks again everyone! I'll leave it be :)
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