Florists vs. DIY Flowers

Hello ladies! I was searching our wedding "area" for a florist, but I can't help but think there is a cheaper alternative.  I'm going for a wildflowers look --- not large centerpiece bouquets packed tightly with flowers-- more of a casual style.  I thought it may be beneficial to put the arrangements together myself and just purchase the flowers I need at a wholesale place. I was wondering how you ladies decided on either using a florist or going to a wholesale location?  If you went with a florist, how did you keep your costs down?  If you went with a wholesale location, which company did you pick?  My only worry is that my flowers will wilt if we purchase them too early.

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Re: Florists vs. DIY Flowers

  • I thought about going the DIY route due to cost, but in the end I'm doing so much DIY already that I can't rationally take on the flowers as well.  I found a mother/daughter team that does flowers and they were super reasonable, so it's just easier to leave it to the professionals.  The cost of flowers really depends on what type of flowers and how much, if you stay to more common flowers, then the cost won't be extreme.

    Though if you are looking for simple arrangements, check out you could get alstroemeria, greenery, and texture pieces like hypericum berries pretty inexpensively.   You just need to be prepared to get them into water and into a cool place for storage until the wedding.
  • I just  did the flowers for my future SIL's wedding this past weekend. While it saved her a lot of money, it was extremely stressful getting them done and also being a bridesmaid in the wedding. I can't imagine doing them for my own wedding on top of getting everything else ready and also having some time to just sit and relax and enjoy the moment. You have to remember you're not only doing centerpieces and ceremony flowers, but bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc.- and those are a lot more time consuming than just throwing flowers into a vase.

    It's definitely do-able though, especially if you have a lot of support staff to help you get them ready. I ordered hers from Sam's Club and they all arrived in amazing condition. Out of $500 worth of flowers I think I only threw away maybe a dozen blooms total. I would gladly do it again for someone else's wedding as long as I wasn't in the wedding itself. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

  • We are going the DIY route.  Ordering in bulk through Costco. Just Sunflowers.  We will be making our bouquets the day before the wedding.  We only need 3 :)  Small wedding, so I don't think we are doing anything for parents or boutineers.  
  • Hi! I'm planning on doing my own flowers for my September wedding. We're looking at Sam's Club and wholesalers in the Strip. Craft stores sell wire frames that help you design bouquets which you'll need if you want the full bouquet look.  Good luck to the rest of you DIY's!
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