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Lost a bridesmaid last minute - what do I do with her dress?!


Re: Lost a bridesmaid last minute - what do I do with her dress?!

  •  Edit to add: Just saw the update. Glad you worked it out. But for future reference for anyone else, see above.
    I popped back in to see if there was an update, but I don't see one.  How am I missing it?  LOL
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    OP, what's done is done, but do not replace her. It's an insult to both your friend and the person who would be the replacement.

    There is no such thing as bridesmaid duties other than showing up with the proper dress.

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    @Retreadbride Ah, but in this great day and age, the wedding industry is NOT done with us once the wedding is over.  Because now they are trying to convince us to have vow renewals, or convincing us that our first wedding wasn't good enough or extravagant enough and we have to had a PPD wedding in order to right that grievous wrong. 

    And thanks for the heads up on this Sharon Naylor.  I will avoid her books.   

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    I hate when people try to blame terrible behavior on being southern.  

    As a southern woman, I am mortified by how you are treating people you call friends.  You are treating people this way of your own volition.  It's not a southern thing.  We southerners are supposed to be more considerate and thoughtful.  Not more demanding and selfish.  

    You really need to rethink how you've treated this girl and what you've expected of all of your BMs and consider whether you want them to continue being your friends after this wedding is over.  
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