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Bacheloretty party cost question - WWYD?

So I'm in charge of my little sister's bachelorette party which is THIS Saturday. Based on everyone's input, we are going with a hotel downtown - I'm getting food and some booze for the hotel room before we go out. As of today, no one (not a single person!) has contributed the $35 for the party. I'm not sure what to do - I don't want to nag people, but it's in 4 days and I don't want to get stuck with all of the costs on my own. I'm considering just not buying food/booze for the room (just for my little sister) and paying for the hotel room myself. Thoughts?
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Re: Bacheloretty party cost question - WWYD?

  • First off, I'd expect that they'll pay you on Saturday. That being said, clear communication is key so they remember to pay you on Saturday! Our group used a Facebook event page to organize my FSIL's bach party this spring, and everyone paid the day of. Emails are good, too, but it's so easy for them to get lost & it's not as social/interactive.

    So if everything's decided and each girl owes $35, then send out a brief, upbeat email telling everyone what you have planned and reminding them to bring you a check or cash on Saturday. And be prepared to foot the bill for a couple that forget.

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    I agree with the poster above me completely.

    I'm guessing most people will be paying you on Saturday. That's what I would do, especially if I don't see the person every day.

    I would go on with the bachelorette as planned (food, hotel, etc) and maybe just send a fb message to the other attendees making them aware of the cost of the party so they are prepared to pay you back. Just be positive and they won't feel like you are nagging them. :)

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