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As many of you know, TK Gods have been making changes to the site, and while there are changes many of us like, there are also changes we don't. There have been a lot of back and forth discussions and a lot things we were told would be happening that are now not. Some of our questions go unanswered or the responses to them make no sense, and we feel we are getting the run-around in some areas, and it's frustrating.

We realize that the boards are not only for regs. However, if regs didn't stick around and didn't post, the boards would be dead. Lurking isn't participation. Only by having active members of this community is there a community at all. If not for us, the lurkers would have nothing to lurk, and even they would leave.

In peaceful protest of the things we feel TK Gods are being dismissive about, many of us plan to boycott the site this coming Wednesday (tomorrow). We are asking that any and all regs who agree do not even log into TK that day so the site will not even get our page hits, which helps lead to profits. It is our hope that TK Gods will see a noticeable dip in activity and get a taste of what it would be like if there was yet another mass exodus. It will only work if we can get as many of you to participate as possible.

Lurkers, if any of you agree and want to help, we would welcome your "participation" by not logging in as well, but it is especially important that the regs stay off TK and do not post. AT ALL.

For funsies, a bunch of us have created accounts over on Wedding Bee and plan to go kill their buzz. It should be a great party, BYOS (bring your own stinger) of course.

Do it!  You'll be cool!  All the cool kids are doin' it!  And look! I made this Hive Invasion badge just for you!  It's all about the badges, people. And the unicorns. 

What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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